Friday, November 22, 2013

2 Meses (months) in mexico!

November 18, 2013

Hola De Mexico! Hello from Mexico! I have now been here for two months and I do not like it at all...because the time is moving too fast!! This week we had a multi zone conference with us (solidaridad) and mayaualcol (May-a-walk-cole)  Elder Valenzuela of the first Quorum of the Seventy. He was so cool! We had a picture with Elder Valenzuela, President Crickmore, and the missionaries from the two zones! I was in the front cause I'm a shorty. I was placed right between President Crickmore and Elder Valenzuela it was the coolest thing ever! It was cool afterwards we all got to meet him and shake his hand!

That same day and the night before we had a couple of different meetings with him in our wards, our Stake, and in the zones, it was all about: the Importance La Obra De Salvaccion! (the Work of salvation).

I want to share with you everyone that its really important for members at home to help us as missionaries. The missionaries cannot do all of the work themselves, it is just too much sometimes. we needed the members to help us with this work! because as one of the great scriptures say the reason of this work "Is to bring to pass the salvation and immortality of man" Moses 1:39. My prayer to you and what you can do to help me is to help the missionaries that are assigned in your area!

I had another cool opportunity this week. We had splits with the other two missionaries in our ward. I stayed in my area and was Senior companion for a day. I got to lead the area for that day! It was really cool to see how much I have learned in the last 8 weeks here in Mexico and how fast I learned the area! This is really important to me because in the next transfers in a few weeks my companion is likely to be part of changes because he will have been in the same area for the entire nine moths he has been here. 
Other than that all is well! The Church is true!! EL VIVE!

Love  you all.  I miss you all, god speed my friends! 

Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy

Happy Veteran's Day

November 11, 2013

How are things going? it has been a good and interesting week with teaching divisions and meeting two members from the First Quorum of the Seventy and one of our Area Presidency!
Las Monday we had a monthly zone meeting that was all about safety and stress. I think this is because of a incident that happened with an Elder in the Mexico City East Mission. After that we played some ole classic futbol! That night we taught our convert family and they are doing great!
We had a meeting up by the mission office for trainers (Elder Gomez) and trainees (Me) and it was cool to see the progress of all of the Elders in my generation are making. (All of the missionaries that come into the field together are called a generation.)  President Crickmore said something that scared me a little, but is more than likely true......I will be training in 4 weeks. meaning that I will be the trainer... what ever the Lord needs I will do!
On Wednesday we helped our zone leaders. They had a baptism this last Friday and we had to help them empty the font by hand (because somone stole the pump that drains it.) It took about two hours but it was a fun and a cool experience! When we went four our weekly meeting with the Ward Mission leader he was running behind and we had to wait for him to get there. A little frustrating because we were missing out on some of our teaching time. 
On Thursday we had divisions with the two new elders in our district and it was good. We walked to parts of that área that was a mystery to me.
Friday we had seven lessons and did some service,. We had stake conference Saturday ande Sunday and they needed more chairs in the Stake Center so we helped load them up in a truck, take them to the Stake Center, and set them up.
Saturday at the first session of Stake Conference Elder Pino, a member of the Area Presidency taught the members of the Stake about working with the missionaries. It was so cool to hear that as a missionary. 
Sunday was the general session and a new Stake Presidency was called. This was so cool to see and the crazy thing is our Bishop, who is 33, is now a member of the Stake Presidency. Elder Pino talked about the plan of salvation and how it is meant for us to fall and then, because  of the atonement be able to get back up and brush ourselves off and move on.  He said there are thing in the world from the adversary that try to bring us down and destroy us and that if we stay strong we can return home!
So that is my week! the highlight for this week Zone Conference and an interview for trainers and trainees from Elder Valenzuela of the Seventy. He gave a talk this last conference titled Small and simple things!
Love you all and miss you all!
Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy

My First Baptisms

November 4, 2013

Buenas Tardes Todo!
It was such a crazy week this week! seeing President Crickmore two times this week and four baptisms and a special change in our district! Where to start, where to start! It was a full week so I'll play this day by day.
Monday: Last Monday for P-day we went up on to a mountain that over looks 2 zones in our misión! the first part of the mountain we were on Had a view of the zona (o estaca) Ixtacapaluca and it was   cool to see that!
we were up there with a bunch of elders and one was going home the next day. Something weird that the missionaries do here is at 6 months you burn a tie, at the year mark - a shirt, and at the end of your two years if you have a second suit that is super worn out - the suit and a shirt. The Elder bought a cheap suit from Wal-Mart a few years ago and he wore that so that his suit that he brought was still good and looking new for his trip home! so we were up on the mountain and he set fire to his suit and someone asked him "Elder Jones what advise do you have for us who still have time?" and I absolutely loved his response. He said " Live it up! You only get two years out here, make the most of it! this is the best thing you could be doing right now--- Its the only thing you should be doing!" it was great! then that night after our district meeting our zone got together and took pictures with everyone who was being transferred or going home!
Tuesday : was transfers, but because Elder Gomez and I were not part of the changes we were in our área working! That night we had the baptism interviews for the family that we have been teaching. When they were done with the interviews we had dinner with the Bishop and two new Elder that was in a trio in our Ward. The two new Elders both are from El Salvador! it was so cool.
Thursday went by quickly. That night I was taken back to our area by one of our zone leaders and let me say he is one of the coolest guys that I know! He has so much love for all of the missionaries.
There is another family we started teaching last week that we did teaching with divisions from the zone, the Ward Mission Leaders, and some of the Priesthood leaders. After that we did divisions with the other part of independencia!
Friday was a tougher day. Three of the lessons did not go great. One investigator was not interested in listening to what we were saying. The next one we were teaching a less active member about the Book Of Mormon and we did not get the impression she wanted us there. We could tell she was struggling with her testimony of the Book of Mormon, it was really sad. The last lesson was the worst. so the elders I was with were Elder Olivos and Elder Jimmenez (one of the 2 new missionaries in our area. We were teaching one of their investigators who told us the things we were teaching him did not bring happiness in his life and he did not want to learn from the missionaries any more. He barley let us finish our prayer before he got up and left the was a hard day.
Saturday was the day we were ending our divisions with Eder Olivos and  Elder Jimenez. As these two Elders and Elder Gomez and I we told Elder Gomez about our previous day, it made me feel a little better. At 5:30 we went to the church for the baptisms and we got there and Elder Olivos said before you go change you need to see something. He took me into one of the classrooms and all his stuff was there, so now there are two completely new sets of Elders in Independencia 2.
The baptisms went great and just as I was going into the font President Crickmore showed up! It was a great meeting, I loved so much being able to baptize my first new members. To top the night off President bought us McDonalds for dinner!
Sunday was Fast Sunday and Elder Gomez and I fasted for success in Independencia 2 and for the New elders to learn the area quickly! Elder Gomez has to go to the stake every Sunday because he is our District LEader and he has to report the numbers for the zone so all is well!
As of right now we do not have any progressing investigators, pray for us to be able to reach them and pray for new investigators to have their hearts softened.
The weirdest thing that I ate this week was cow stomach and the intestines of a chicken!
All is well!
I love you all and miss you all!

Elder Darcy