Sunday, January 26, 2014

Transfers again!!

January 20, 2014

This is correct I again have transfers! my time here in Ixtapaluca was short (one cycle) but I am grateful for the chance that I had her to work and help bring others to Christ!

Information on the new area it is the Barrio Tlaltenco in the stake of Meyehualco! plus here is the BEST part!!!! I am opening an area and my new companion is one of my Zone Leaders from here in Ixtapaluca! He is going to be district leader and I am the junior so I am excied to work and learn from him! other than that need to make it short this week because I was busy packing and Elder Hernandez wanted to go buy food for him and his new companion this week and we only hade 30min to write and 15 of that was reading messages from the president and responding.

This last week was good we found a lot of people for Elder Hernandez to work with and our converts are doing good! Next Sunday the young man I helped baptize is getting the Priesthood! So all is well with them! other than that a busy work week and all sorts of fun!!
I want all to remember that He lives and that He is always here for us! love you all! the language is doing better little by little everyday! I hope all is well!
Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy
P.S my new companion is Elder Lopez from Puebla Mexico that is 1hr y 1/2 from here ha ha! but he love doing this work!

Back to Work!

January 13, 2014

HOLA! so this week was defiantly a better week! now that the holidays are over we were able to get back to work and it was a good week! some of the experiences that I have to share are: last Monday, a tough day Friday and an amazing Noche de hogar (Family home evening) yesterday night! but first here is my week and what happened:
Monday (last week) we had a zone meeting and had a super cool lesson about the atonement of the Savior! the lesson was about sacrifice, and two of the Hermanas were teaching the lesson. they had two small loafs of bread and said for every person who took a piece of bread one of the Elders, Elder Dixon,  had to do 15 military pushups so we began and people started taking bread. In our zone there is about an even number of Elders and Sisters there is about 16 elders and 16 Hermanas. and I was the last Elder to be offered bread before the Hermana's and by this point Elder Dixon was hurting a lot and it was really hard for him to do the push up´s at this point! so I said no thanks to the bread but it was forced on me... at the end of this the Hermana's said that no matter if we wanted Him to or not Jesus Christ paid and suffered for our sins and we need to remember what He did for us!
Tue: We set to work for the week and it was a good day we had 8 different lessons but at the same time right now we cannot find any of our investigators so it is a little frustrating but it's life and we´ll get them this week!
Wed: This day was more lessons. There is one Hermana in the ward that has been listening to the testigos (Jehovah Witness) and she was trying to convince us that Jehovah is our Heavenly Father..... but after 45 minutes of taking with her she finally realized the Jehovah is another name for Christ!
Thursday: Today was weekly planning and it was a slow day because after planning was over we had to head off for lunch so it was a slower day but we had lessons!
Friday: Today was a super tough day we only had 3 lessons all day because people were not home or people didn´t want to answer their doors..... so it was another great learning day and a good exercise day too! after we got home that night and after planning for Saturday I fell on my bed and my legs felt so week I slept good that night!
Sat: We had more lessons! we made the base of 35 lessons for the week for the first time this cycle it made me so happy! There were a lot of lessons and we received a good number of references from the members too!
Sunday: Now the mornings on Sundays are a little tougher because church is at 8 AM so we have to get ready pretty quick and we have to try to be awake! It´s nice because after we report and then eat then have 5-6 hours to work! Yesterday we had a Noche de Hogar and one of our mas o menos investigators were there and we watched a film called finding faith in Christ and it was so cool because we could feel the spirit. Our investigator felt the spirit so much too! We have another appointment with her on Thursday!
That about sums up my week. Heading into this week, this is yet again the last week of another cycle. I know I am not training this next cycle but we still have the changes call coming Sunday and changes are next Tuesday! and given my companions history he is not in an area for long so we will have to see what happens!
Other wise all is well I want you all to know that I love you and because of that activity on Monday my view of the atonement has changed so much!
Love you all and have a good week!
Elder Darcy!

Happy New Year!!!

January 6, 2014

I am kind of happy that the New Year week is over! I don't mean to sound bitter about the holidays because that is not it, but because the work was sure down! I want to work more to help the people in any way I can but that is hard because we had a day of cut work and the following day no work! but over all this week was a good week just a brief look at this last week and some of the cooler experiences after!

Monday, (last week), I got a flu shot! also a Christmas package from my dad and Grandma with some pretty cool ties! Then we went shopping in the Chalco center Tiangies!

Tue: we taught and for the half work day we went with a family and played Uno for 2 hours. The two hours was all one round because all of the cards fell differently! 

wed: we didn't work but we were at the Ixtapaluca Stake as a zone almost all day. It was a fun day. We played capture the flag, dodge ball and American football!! it was so much fun then we ordered pizza from dominos and watched the best two years! it was a good day!

Thursday we started work again and taught some more!

Friday: we had divisions and I went to the other ward with our District Leader Elder Alberqueque I learned a lot and I ate a lot too! we had 5 hotdog each for lunch then the next lesson we finished up and then they fed us then had jell-o at another house then we had a Noche de Hogar (Family home evening) and there was food there too!

Sat: we finished our divisions and we had........2 BAPTISMS. We baptized 2 youth whose grandma got baptized last month (year;)) and now their mom is interested in listening so might be able to baptize her in the next five weeks too!

Sun: we got to confirm the youth we baptized. I did one of the baptisms and it was really cool! I take the meaning "let the holy spirit guide" to a whole new meaning!

So one of the coolest experiences that I had this week was today! We had a zone meeting and it was about sacrifice. it was one of the coolest most life changing events that I had while I have been out here so far! the two Hermana's who taught us had one of the Elders get up in front of the zone and she said Elder for every piece of bread that someone takes you have to do 15 pushups! And Elders started to take the bread and I was in the middle the last elder to take bread before the Hermana's and by time the bread got to me the Elder was struggling so much. I told the Hermana that I didn´t want the bread but she forced it on me by setting it in my lap and she said to the other elder 15 pushups and by the end the 25-30 of us took the bread the elder collapsed half of us were in tears from watching him suffer then one of the Hermana's teaching said" the pain that Elder Dixon is feeling.. this is the pain that the Lord felt times 50. The Lord sacrificed so much for us. We need to help him in all that we can with this work and we need to remember the pains that he suffered for us and remember the love he gave." It was a different way of seeing the explanation of the atonement. You all have no  idea how much my love grew for the Savior today and how much more I appreciate what He did for me and what He did for you! Remember what He did and never forget it! 

I love you all and wish you all a good start to this new year keep Him with you because EL VIVE. I can testify to this that He lives and that He suffered the most unbearable pains in the world for all of us and that more than anything He wants us back with Him for eternity! I can testify to this in His name even Jesus Christ. Amen.

I love you all so much I hope all is well,

Elder Darcy

Feliz Navidad

December 23, 2013


Unlike Utah,  the weather here is not cold and white! It is nice, warm, and sunny! Because of this next week being Christmas there were not a lot of people home:( but its all good because I had one of the collest things happened on Friday!!!!! We went to the Mexico City Temple! the other highlight is that we are still on track for two baptisms on the 4th of January! I do have to say the Temple was pretty cool!
Mexico City Temple: we really didn't have the chance to do a session but we were there at the visitors center (with our district) and with conversos y menos activos (less active members)! and it was the coolest thing ever! The Visitors Center just opened again from renovations and it was really spiritual and interactive! The best part was all the Christmas lights around the Temple and the different people there investigating! The Temple closes at the start of January and does not open again until June of 2015 so if have investigators at that point the best I can hope for is taking them to the open house! But the visitors center is open the whole time! 
This week we also had 2 investigators who we have been working with set dates for baptisms. They are set to be baptised in the start of January! Their grandma fue bautizado in the start of this month and so if they get baptised (go to church this sunday) we are hoping to take them to the Temple that day to see the visitors center and all that fun stuff!
Well i hope everyone is safe in all that they do and I hope that everyone has a good Christmas! I am MUY MUY EMOCIONADO A HABLAR CON MI FAMILIA!!! It really is crazy that the call from the airport  september 16th to this call has just flown. As we all go into this season remember to "let Him in" and that "three kings found the Lord and so can we" also the story of his great and amazing birth is Luke 2:1-12 it is the best story in the scriptures because it is the one of our great Lords birth! 

Love you all and FELIZ NAVIDAD!

Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy

Izcalli 1

December 16, 2013

So ahora yo so en Izcalli 1 is es un muy bonita area! haha there is my Spanish for the week! I am now in Ixtapaluca in the ward of Izcalli! My new comapion's name is William Hernandez! Here is the best part he can't speak English, which means my Spanish has to get used more and likely improve. The area is really nice and there are families that are pretty well to do compared to my last area. I will send pictures out of the house on Wednesday at our MISSION CHRISTMAS PARTY! Let me just say it is not a small room this time, but it is an appartment on the second floor!
So the week was a good week! New area new missionaries! All that jazz, first off our district has 8 companionships and one of the companionships (in our ward) is hermanas and one of them are new and  she is from...wait for it...wait for it... WEST JORDAN, UTAH! The Sisters are so cool! They work hard and are super dedicated. The down side is that in our ward there is a hill overlooking the area. and I was hoping that we would get the hill, but  the sisters get the view of Ixtapaluca, Valle de Chalco, and Chalco... its all good though! So i am coming into the area with a lot of work to do! We have almost 20 different investigators who ae not progressing and are at different points. So I am excited to hep them with that! 
This week I got to meet a number of them and we already have two baptism dates for the end of December! They are two kids whose grandma was a Jehovah's Witness! I am excited for that!

Other than that we have a chance to go to the temple with this family on Saturday to see the Visitors Center. I am super excited for that cause our mission now has permission to go to the Visitors Center with investigators.  We won't be able to do a session in the Temple because it closes in January until June of 2015 for renovations :( but the visitors center will always be open! So we have that opprotunity! 
The only other thing is yo so MUCHO MUCHO MUCH emochinado porque yo tengo un oprotunidad a hablar con mi familia! haha more Spanish and it's only been a week! I get to talk to my familia next week! and on Christmas we are not work same with New Year's Eve and New Years Day as well as on Christmas Eve. On New Year's Eve we only work till 6 then are with families the rest of the night until 10:30!

I miss you all and love you all hope everyone has a great Navidad! EL Vive!
Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy

Phase 3 of 16 begins now!


December 9, 2013
So Yesterday we were supposed to get the transfer/ cambios call BUT............................. there were complications or the President didn't get a confirmation so the call didn't come until today! So my companion Elder Gomez has 8 months and 1 week here in Independencia so we knew that he would be going and we were right but here is the big news! He did go and he is headed to Chalco as a.... Zone Leader! So after he was done freaking out our Zone Leader Elder Buchanan (who returns home to utah on Wednesday) said Elder Darcy has cambios too.... i thought that meant that i was getting my new companion.... But here is the bigger news!!! I AM LEAVING INDEPENDENCIA!!! Yep on Wednesday at the changes meeting our area is getting white washed! So...where am I going?? well I am coming home..... HAHA NOT!
My new area:  Izcali Ixtapaluca! My new companions name is Elder Hernandez! The change meeting is Wednesday at 12 and that is when i will meet my new companion!

The area of Independencia was a great area! In the last 3 months here we had the baptisms of an entire family and one last baptism yesterday!

Yesterday after church we had a Baptism! it was this15 year old. He has been investigating the church since June or July and he finally had enough consistent Sundays to be baptised! so I feel I left the area in a good way!

I just wish that I had more time here! It feels like it flew by (cause it did) but if my time here is up its time to move on to the next area and help those I need to help!

Thanks everyone for all of your support and love and support you are giving me!

Feliz navidad y un buen nuevo año 

Elder Darcy
Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy

Where Has The Time Gone?!

December 2, 2013

Yo estoy muy enserio! Where is the time gone! It was a good but fast week! We had 2 different service projects and a bunch of lessons...oh,  and WE ARE BAPTIZING ANOTHER INVESTIGATOR THIS WEEK! I am so excited!

This is more than likely my last week with Elder Gomez because a of yesterday he has 8 months in the mission....And area. Today or tomorrow we find out if I am training or not!! Everyone keeps telling me that if I don't train then I am going to be the new DL...but I don't want that. BUT whatever the Lord wants "I will go and do as he commands" (1 Nephi 3:7)

So my week was good! First off we taught 8-9 lessons a day! My personal favorites were on Wednesday and jueves (Thursday). On Wednesday we had 5 lessons with members and 3 less active members lessons! Thursday was super cool because it was 8 menos activo lessons and 2 of them were people we found or they found us! The first was a guy that found us and was living in Los Ángeles for the past 15 years until about 3 months ago! The other one is a family and it is kind of sad because they were converts in Chalco but then a member went and robbed them of all they had.. but they are super cool and we had a NOH(Noche de Hogar) family home evening with them and one of the hermanos that was there as well shared D&C 10:5 I loved that Scripture so much! 

We were helping wih a project we started last week to sand paint off a wall! The other service project was in our area we helped one of our menos activos familias paint their coina (kitchen) and that was fun and long! it took almost 8 hours! They said that they would come to church and but they did not, . so they are our first visit tomorrow.
This next Sunday we are baptizing another investigator after church! He is a young man named Edgar. He has attended Church the last five Sunday's and is real excited about being baptized. The YM leader won't be there on Saturday so we will have his baptism on Sunday after Church. 
Other than that all is well and i will be writing to you again in like 30 min for the next email ;) because it feels like time moves that fast! 
As this is now December the one thing that come to mind is songs from the Forgotten Carols : Let Him In. We need to remember to let Him into our lives all year round as we go to and from with all that we have going on no matter where we are in the world remember to let Him in!

Love you all y feliz navidad

Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy

Happy Thanksgiving

November 25, 2013

I can not believe that its already Thanksgiving!  The time flies and the sad part is that there is no Thanksgiving here :(  but it has been a good week! Not much happened this week only a few things.

First Elder Gomez Baptized. It was for our Zone Leaders and because they are Zone Leaders a District Leader has to do the interviews! And after one of the interviews the dad of the family asked that Elder Gomez do the baptism! 

We have a baptism date for next Friday! One of our investigators started keeping commitments and has one more Sunday and he can get baptized so that is a week from this Friday!

As it being Thanksgiving I want to take a moment to share what I am grateful for! 

I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity to carry out and finish my service to the lord for the next two years ( less than 20 months now). I am more than grateful for my family who has helped me every step of the way! I am extremely grateful for my dad who has helped me grow and is having the chance to live all of this with me throw letters and emails each week! Without his support especially this would not be as easy as it is and I am so grateful for all my family and friends who are constantly sending me emails and letter to help boost me up! in closing i want to share the scripture D&C 84:88 and remember His angles are always here with us and will help bears us up in times of trials when needed!

I love you all and hope the best for you all this holiday season! we don't have Thanksgiving here in Mexico and  so i am working all day thursday but I am greatful for the chance to do so!

I love you all and see you in less than 20!

Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy