Friday, November 22, 2013

2 Meses (months) in mexico!

November 18, 2013

Hola De Mexico! Hello from Mexico! I have now been here for two months and I do not like it at all...because the time is moving too fast!! This week we had a multi zone conference with us (solidaridad) and mayaualcol (May-a-walk-cole)  Elder Valenzuela of the first Quorum of the Seventy. He was so cool! We had a picture with Elder Valenzuela, President Crickmore, and the missionaries from the two zones! I was in the front cause I'm a shorty. I was placed right between President Crickmore and Elder Valenzuela it was the coolest thing ever! It was cool afterwards we all got to meet him and shake his hand!

That same day and the night before we had a couple of different meetings with him in our wards, our Stake, and in the zones, it was all about: the Importance La Obra De Salvaccion! (the Work of salvation).

I want to share with you everyone that its really important for members at home to help us as missionaries. The missionaries cannot do all of the work themselves, it is just too much sometimes. we needed the members to help us with this work! because as one of the great scriptures say the reason of this work "Is to bring to pass the salvation and immortality of man" Moses 1:39. My prayer to you and what you can do to help me is to help the missionaries that are assigned in your area!

I had another cool opportunity this week. We had splits with the other two missionaries in our ward. I stayed in my area and was Senior companion for a day. I got to lead the area for that day! It was really cool to see how much I have learned in the last 8 weeks here in Mexico and how fast I learned the area! This is really important to me because in the next transfers in a few weeks my companion is likely to be part of changes because he will have been in the same area for the entire nine moths he has been here. 
Other than that all is well! The Church is true!! EL VIVE!

Love  you all.  I miss you all, god speed my friends! 

Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy

Happy Veteran's Day

November 11, 2013

How are things going? it has been a good and interesting week with teaching divisions and meeting two members from the First Quorum of the Seventy and one of our Area Presidency!
Las Monday we had a monthly zone meeting that was all about safety and stress. I think this is because of a incident that happened with an Elder in the Mexico City East Mission. After that we played some ole classic futbol! That night we taught our convert family and they are doing great!
We had a meeting up by the mission office for trainers (Elder Gomez) and trainees (Me) and it was cool to see the progress of all of the Elders in my generation are making. (All of the missionaries that come into the field together are called a generation.)  President Crickmore said something that scared me a little, but is more than likely true......I will be training in 4 weeks. meaning that I will be the trainer... what ever the Lord needs I will do!
On Wednesday we helped our zone leaders. They had a baptism this last Friday and we had to help them empty the font by hand (because somone stole the pump that drains it.) It took about two hours but it was a fun and a cool experience! When we went four our weekly meeting with the Ward Mission leader he was running behind and we had to wait for him to get there. A little frustrating because we were missing out on some of our teaching time. 
On Thursday we had divisions with the two new elders in our district and it was good. We walked to parts of that área that was a mystery to me.
Friday we had seven lessons and did some service,. We had stake conference Saturday ande Sunday and they needed more chairs in the Stake Center so we helped load them up in a truck, take them to the Stake Center, and set them up.
Saturday at the first session of Stake Conference Elder Pino, a member of the Area Presidency taught the members of the Stake about working with the missionaries. It was so cool to hear that as a missionary. 
Sunday was the general session and a new Stake Presidency was called. This was so cool to see and the crazy thing is our Bishop, who is 33, is now a member of the Stake Presidency. Elder Pino talked about the plan of salvation and how it is meant for us to fall and then, because  of the atonement be able to get back up and brush ourselves off and move on.  He said there are thing in the world from the adversary that try to bring us down and destroy us and that if we stay strong we can return home!
So that is my week! the highlight for this week Zone Conference and an interview for trainers and trainees from Elder Valenzuela of the Seventy. He gave a talk this last conference titled Small and simple things!
Love you all and miss you all!
Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy

My First Baptisms

November 4, 2013

Buenas Tardes Todo!
It was such a crazy week this week! seeing President Crickmore two times this week and four baptisms and a special change in our district! Where to start, where to start! It was a full week so I'll play this day by day.
Monday: Last Monday for P-day we went up on to a mountain that over looks 2 zones in our misión! the first part of the mountain we were on Had a view of the zona (o estaca) Ixtacapaluca and it was   cool to see that!
we were up there with a bunch of elders and one was going home the next day. Something weird that the missionaries do here is at 6 months you burn a tie, at the year mark - a shirt, and at the end of your two years if you have a second suit that is super worn out - the suit and a shirt. The Elder bought a cheap suit from Wal-Mart a few years ago and he wore that so that his suit that he brought was still good and looking new for his trip home! so we were up on the mountain and he set fire to his suit and someone asked him "Elder Jones what advise do you have for us who still have time?" and I absolutely loved his response. He said " Live it up! You only get two years out here, make the most of it! this is the best thing you could be doing right now--- Its the only thing you should be doing!" it was great! then that night after our district meeting our zone got together and took pictures with everyone who was being transferred or going home!
Tuesday : was transfers, but because Elder Gomez and I were not part of the changes we were in our área working! That night we had the baptism interviews for the family that we have been teaching. When they were done with the interviews we had dinner with the Bishop and two new Elder that was in a trio in our Ward. The two new Elders both are from El Salvador! it was so cool.
Thursday went by quickly. That night I was taken back to our area by one of our zone leaders and let me say he is one of the coolest guys that I know! He has so much love for all of the missionaries.
There is another family we started teaching last week that we did teaching with divisions from the zone, the Ward Mission Leaders, and some of the Priesthood leaders. After that we did divisions with the other part of independencia!
Friday was a tougher day. Three of the lessons did not go great. One investigator was not interested in listening to what we were saying. The next one we were teaching a less active member about the Book Of Mormon and we did not get the impression she wanted us there. We could tell she was struggling with her testimony of the Book of Mormon, it was really sad. The last lesson was the worst. so the elders I was with were Elder Olivos and Elder Jimmenez (one of the 2 new missionaries in our area. We were teaching one of their investigators who told us the things we were teaching him did not bring happiness in his life and he did not want to learn from the missionaries any more. He barley let us finish our prayer before he got up and left the was a hard day.
Saturday was the day we were ending our divisions with Eder Olivos and  Elder Jimenez. As these two Elders and Elder Gomez and I we told Elder Gomez about our previous day, it made me feel a little better. At 5:30 we went to the church for the baptisms and we got there and Elder Olivos said before you go change you need to see something. He took me into one of the classrooms and all his stuff was there, so now there are two completely new sets of Elders in Independencia 2.
The baptisms went great and just as I was going into the font President Crickmore showed up! It was a great meeting, I loved so much being able to baptize my first new members. To top the night off President bought us McDonalds for dinner!
Sunday was Fast Sunday and Elder Gomez and I fasted for success in Independencia 2 and for the New elders to learn the area quickly! Elder Gomez has to go to the stake every Sunday because he is our District LEader and he has to report the numbers for the zone so all is well!
As of right now we do not have any progressing investigators, pray for us to be able to reach them and pray for new investigators to have their hearts softened.
The weirdest thing that I ate this week was cow stomach and the intestines of a chicken!
All is well!
I love you all and miss you all!

Elder Darcy

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Phase 1 of 15 done

October 28, 2013

Today is the beginning of cycle 2 here in Mexico! We had a really crazy week though so let me lay it out for you:
Monday: last P-Day we got the chance to go up to D.F (I am sending a bunch of pictures to my dad) it was so cool we went to the biggest catholic church in Mexico.  A individual we met there tried to tell my companion that he is going to hell because he is Mexican and not a Catholic. it was interesting! We had some lunch at a place called Pirate Burger and that was actually pretty good! we went and did some shopping and I had gotten some B-day money from my grandpa so I used that to buy a Manchester United Jersey! We had our district meeting Monday night and a Family Home Evening where the Hermana made us hot cakes!
Tuesday: This day was tough. We went up to the mission office to get my companion a bed and when we got up there the member that said that he would help us couldn't because his car roof was to weak. when we got back to work it was one in the afternoon and we had missed one appointment already. The rest of the day was stressful because we were behind schedule and could not catch up. We also ended up walking in the rain because it started to rain out of no where.
Wednesday: This day was better more on track and we had a lesson with our investigator family. We allowed them to ask any questions that they had and we were able to help them progress towards baptism.  We met with the  ward mission coordinator and the ward mission leader Hermano Barron. we are doing good but we had 2 investigators drop us the last week so it was tough.
Thursday: was a normal work day and for Divisions we helped arrange rides for people for a ward activity.
Friday: so the highlight of Friday is that we had a visit with our investigator family and we went over the interview questions and set the interviews time for tomorrow at 5! I am super excited for this week!
Sat: today was a tough day to find lessons because there was a ward activity outside of the mission boundaries and so we were left with all the less active members and most of them were not home we only got  lessons in that day :/
Sun: so yesterday was the last day of the cycle and we were getting a call last night to see who is part of transfers on Tuesday. my companion and I were nervous for the call because in the three month interviews last week ,President Crickmore told my companion there was a possibility he would be transferred. When we got the call his name was not mentioned! but we know he is probably going next transfer after my training is done.  The next transfers are  in December and he will have been in the area 8 1/2 months. 
We have a member of the zone headed this week. Today for P-Day we climbed Elephant Mountain (a really big mountain) with part of our zone.  This mountain is right in the middle of Valle de Chalco and Ixtacapaluca, I got pictures which I will send tonight.
Brett and Elder Gomez on Elephant Mountain
As I sat at the top and looked out over this grand valley I realized this is where I am supposed to be. The downside is that if the next 15 cycles go as fast as this last one my mission will be over before I know it. The conclusion that I came to on the top of that mountain was I have to make it all count, do my best,  and have no regrets as I fly over this valley one last time when I go home. I am 6 weeks in Mexico with so much more time but I promise all of you I will do the best that I can to "invite others to come unto Christ, by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ, and his atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end"
I Love you all Via co dios!
Elder Darcy

Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy


Last week of cyle 1

October 21, 2013

Brett's email was brief this week. He went to the Federal District of Mexico on his P-Day and where they went to email was a little costly.  Sending letters or packages take time to get to Brett. A letter takes about two and a half weeks. If you want to write him send the letters to the Mission Home at:

Elder Brett Darcy
Mexico Mexico City Chalco Mission
Calle Por
, Estado de Mexico

His email is

Below is his email from this week.

This week is going to be brief because I am in the Centro Mexico City and to write is a crazy price! Another good week. the family we are teaching that is set for baptism on the November 2. One of the families we are teaching has set themselves a goal to be sealed as a family in the Temple next year. Teaching them has been way fun. 
Next Tuesday is transfer day again and there is a possibility that my companion Elder Gomez might be transferred because at that point he will have 7 1/2 months in the area! I might get a second trainer or I may just get a senior companion.
The upsetting part about this week is that we lost two investigators because they said that don't need the Church anymore..... it was hard,  but we can wait to see if they change their mind.
The weather has been warm and cold and we can see snow in the mountains in my area..... its going to get cold We got a lot of rain in September then it calmed down this month. Its crazy to think that we are more than half way thorough October!
The members are great here and I got to bear my testimony in church yesterday. I was super nervous but I got my point across.......eventually. Other than that all is well and the spirit is super strong here and I am so excited to be here!
We went to the Mexican Federal District (D.F.) today. I will send pictures later this week! Sorry it was brief I will try to send a more extended one when I write my Mission President later this week.

I love you all and remember EL VIVE
Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy


October 14, 2013

Four weeks ago right now I was meeting my Mission president for the first time! It has been such a crazy and exciting journey thus far.  Right now we have 9 investigators and 4 progressing, those four still have a baptism date for November 2, it is so exciting! This was the week following conference and it was good. We got at least 2 new investigators because of Conference. This week was definatly different. We have what is called divisions (splits at home) we had divisions within our district and with the Zone Leaders. The first experience was not great. before I get in to this story I need to explain a few terms.

Bueno Missionario: A missionary who works hard and follows the rules.
Frito: a missionary that works but does not follow all of the rules
Muerte: A missionary that is dead does not work or follow any of the rules.
So my first story: I was with a missionary that goes home in January and he is between frito and muerte. it was really hard because between 12 and 6 we only had 3 lessons instead of 5-6. I didn't say anything to him but it was tough. I learned a lot about obedience and working that day.My opinion about working hard and following the rules that day was solidified when I went on divisions with my Zone Leader Elder Buchanan from Logan Utah. We had 9 lessons on Friday and we followed the rules and I had such a good time. 
It has been a good week with more teaching ahead. Coming soon will be a Picture from today, we had a futbòl tournament in the mission and it was so fun. We took third because we lost a chance to play in the finals in a penalty shot shoot out. Everyone from our mission was there and our Mission President was too.
My mission president is President Ckrickmore. He is from San Diego and as long as you work hard and other stuff he is super cool! He talks with everyone and he has a special place in his heart for each and every missionary here! He is very humble and funny too;) more info to come on President Crickmore next week because we have our three month interviews with him on Wednesday.
To finish i just want to say that:
yo se que nuestro padre celestial tiene mucho amor por todo de el hijos! y you se que nuestro salvador y redento VIVE! y sin esta iglesia my vid no tener paz y felizidad! you se que esa iglesia es verdad.
en el nombre de jesucristo amen!
I know that our Heavenly Father loves all of his children and that our Savior LIVES! and without this church I would not have peace and happiness in my life. I know this church is true!
LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU but I am busy saving people so for now,
Nos vemos por menos que dos años!
See you in less than 2 years!
Elder Darcy
P.S anyone wondering where I am here is the info
Zona: Solidaridad (Mexico City Chalco Solidaridad stake)
Area: Independencia 1 (Independance Barrio)
Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy

A Better Week!

October 7, 2013

Brett is working hard in Chalco. I asked him about the homes in his area and he says there are some houses to would fit into our kitchen and several family members live in that small space. But the people are so happy and willing to share all they have with others.

Brett and his companion have a small fridge that they have some milk and yogurt in and they get a couple of boxes of cereal a week. That is their breakfast. Members in the Ward feed them lunch and dinner and they never go hungry. They are well taken care of. This pictures below are the room Brett and his companion are staying in.

The Bed on the left if Brett's

This is their kitchen working area



Their clothes are washed by the family they live with.



"The Front Porch Looking in!"


¿Como esta familia y amigos? Ha ha I just wanted to use a little Spanish today ;).  This week has been a better week! I was able to have a good long talk with my companion on Tuesday and the week flew right to Conference! before I get to that let's talk about the rest of the week. When I talked to my companion on Tuesday we talked about a lot! One of the topics we discussed is my Spanish. We had not been talking all that much in Spanish. This was part to help me understand him and to help him use English. But now we have this agreement where we can talk English in the house and Spanish in the streets. Here is the catch if we say an English word in la calle (street) we have to do 2 flexion (push-ups) the next morning during exercises.
The first day you would not believe the totals.... me 30 and Elder Gomez 70...... I was slightly confused at the end of the day.... but it has been helping and I have started keeping a pocket sized notebook to write down word or phrases that I don't know to memorize and remember them. The weather has been cooling down and we have mountains to the south of us that we can see snow in the top of them............ I didn't like it.....AT ALL... but the weather has been nice.

OK,  Drumroll Please............. CONFRENCE!! Conference was cool! I am nowhere near ready for the Spanish sessions yet so I watched in English with over half of my zone. It was so cool and I absolutely loved this conference. In fact I loved it so much that I have 8 pages of notes on it! I will be adding a Conference highlight at the end of each update.
The only problems was yesterdays afternoon session, five minutes after it started it started to rain and we lost the signal until the second to last speaker. But I caught most of it! All of our investigators came to one session so we still have five baptism dates for November 2!!
I have another busy week coming up this week I have splits in my area with the other Elders in Independencia 2 (the other part of our area) on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday I am doing splits with one of my zone leaders. I love you all and hope all is well! 

Confrence highlight: "Doubt your doubts, BEFORE you doubt your faith"- President Uchdorf

Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy

                                                             Getting ready for

A Tougher Week

September 30, 2013

This week has been tougher week. We had a zone meeting on Monday and I could not remember any Spanish!! I have also had different times of missing home have and having the "what the heck are you doing here Brett?" thoughts. After we had zone conference I had the chance to talk with my Mission President. As we talked he helped me work through some of this. Part of the problem I am having learning the language is that  my companion is a native who knows some English, but not a lot. When I ask him a question in Spanish I don't think he understands what I am asking and I don't know if I am speaking the language right or not.
Other than that he is a great companion and he works hard! He has been here for 6 months and the day I got assigned with him he became District Leader. He is a good worker, he likes to mess around, but also knows when it is time to get to work. I just have been struggling to learn how to speak Spanish with him.
The week has been good in spite of this constant struggle. Since I have gotten here we have had 8 investigators and right now all of them are on track to be baptized November 2, 2013, 11 years exactly from the date I was baptized! They all still want to continue learning  the gospel and to be baptized.
A cool thing about one of the families we are teaching, they had a shrine to the Virgin Mary on a table. When we went to get them for church yesterday more than half of it was gone, it was insane to think how much our teaching has helped them make this transition!
Since I have been here we have gotten a lot of rain! Last Sunday we got so much rain that the highway was flooded. I am also able to see some snow in the mountains!! I was excited to find out I have a Wal-Mart not only in my zone but my area!!
we are going to be at our Stake Center this week for conference and they have a separate room for the greenie gringos! The only time I have to write is at night and the letters go out once a week so it will be a while if anyone writes me to get a response.
This about sums it up for this week!
Love you all and remember,
El Vive

Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Final Week in the MTC and Birthday Wishes in the MTC


Wow it is crazy how fast the time has gone here! I can't believe that in a few short day that I will be in Mexico! I am so grateful to all of you for your letters, prayers, and care packages to help me through the MTC. It's been another eventful week here in the MTC.

Let me start with Friday.  At lunch we received our travel plans! I am going from here to Phoenix and then after a short layover  to Mexico City on September 16th, one day after I turn 19. I have to be at the MTC travel office by 3:30 AM! it is  crazy to believe it's finally here! Focusing has been a little hard knowing we are leaving in a few short days...but time is still going fast!

Sunday we had personal interviews with our Branch Presidency. I met  with the first councilor and he told me that i was special and that my Mission President was lucky to have me going to that mission. he told me he can see the spirit working through me and said I will make a great example when I have my time in leadership.

Monday and Tuesday were all right nothing exciting then yesterday I got to host again!! it was a lot of fun to help the new missionaries come in. I helped four again going to Tennessee, Eugene Oregon, St. Louis, and Eugene. The last elder I helped was just like us. The family and him was all weepy cause he had a close bond with his family, as we got to his class the door was closed and I gave him some advise. I  told him "I want you to do one more thing I want you to always write your family. They are here to support you. As their first missionary and they love you,  trust me I know.  When your littler sibblings write you with pictures you hang those pictures up and you will be the coolest Elder ever. Make sure you write them back and when they see your letter it will make their day and they will talk about it forever!" It was a pretty cool experience being the one to give advice to a younger missionary coming in.

Brett hosting new missionaries coming to the MTC on September 4, 2013


At dinner I received packages from home for my birthday! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Please let the York's know how much I appreciated their donation to my birthday. (Brett was sent a Ipod Nano filled with Church music and some small speakers to listen to it with.) When I saw what was sent my jaw just dropped! Thank you a hundred times over!!
Tomorrow we have the in-field orientation. It is 6 1/2 hours long session about public etiquette. Since some of us have been couped up here in the MTC for 6 weeks and our only time in public has been walking to the exercise field or to the temple this will help us as we get out into the mission field in our respective missions. We had our last gym time on Monday since we hosted yesterday. On Saturday during our gym time we are suppose to used the time to pack and get ready to go. We will have a last few moments on Sunday to make our final preparations.
I can' t wait to talk to you some of my family on Monday prior to flying out. I should be through security at about 5:30-5:45
Well i think that is about it for this week! its crazy that going to Mexico is already here!!
I love you all so much!! I want you to know that yo se que vida me redentor. yo se que Thomas S. Monson es el profeta verdadero! yo se que eso porque el salvador jesucristo murio en la cruz y suffrir en el jarden de gethsemene nosotros podemos regresar con dios y jesucristo. you soy un represantante y missionario de jesucristo y yo creo en cristo! (I know that my redeemer lives. I know Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet of god! I know that because Jesus Christ died on the cross and suffred for our sins in the garden of Gethsemane we can return home to live with God and him. I am a representitive and missionary of Jesus Christ and I belive in Christ!)
I love you guy so much and cant wait to talk to you on Monday!

Elder Darcy

A week and a half to go in the MTC

September 5, 2013


I have a lot to talk about before I get to yesterday, but first lets talk about the rest of the week! last weekend we found out that we were loosing one of our teachers Hna. Vawdrey 
Because of the way her school schedule worked out at BYU. So we got a new teacher and it was tough because we are only with this new teacher for a week and a half. The cool part is that our new teacher,  her name is hna. Luna, is she is from Mexico! We are teaching her investigator though (her) and the investigators name is Sandra and she is Jewish which has made it really hard to teach her. but we have here reading the Book Of Mormon!!

Sunday was my first and only fast Sunday here in the CCM. Fasting was surprisingly easy for the first part of the day. Then we got down to the hour before we were to eat dinner and I got really shaky and dizzy so I had to break my fast an hour early and eat something:/ the Devotional was cool the speaker was the former president of the CCM (MTC) in the Philippines and i was sitting on the first row of the bleachers and from there he looked and sounded like president Bush:D 

Ok Drum roll please........

Yesterday wed Sept. 4th 2013 I Elder Darcy hosted and was the missionary for the teaching experience!! Yesterday our district got the chance to host! We had about 600+
Missionaries come. They said we would be only helping 2 each........I ended up helping 4! the four missionaries that I had did great and are super excited to be here! All four of my missionaries are going to: Arizona, Mexico City South, California Fresno, and Oakland (speaking Cambodian)! It was so much fun and I would do it again!!

For the teaching experience all we had to do was go in and start a lesson for a room full of new missionaries. 

That about sums up my adventures for this week! I will hopefully be updating you with the travel plans next week!

Love you all so much!

Elder Darcy :D

Half way through the MTC

August 29, 2013

Hola!! Como esta familia? mi tiempo en el ccm es muy bueno y rapido! hay es mucho tiempo por estudiar! yo escribo en espanol en me ajenda siempre! you comideo muy mucho orques et es muy bueno y filling! el espiritu santo es siempre aqui!

How are you family? My time here in the MTC has been great and quick! We have A LOT of study time! I have gotten to the point where I can write in my planner in Spanish! I have eaten a lot of food and it is good but filling! the spirit is always here. It is crazy we (my district and I) are past our halfway point! Three weeks from today I will be in Mexico! We figured it out that one week from this Monday the 2nd so the week of the 9th we will get our travel plans!! Our time has just flown by here, it is crazy!

This last week has been another great week! From becoming Zone Leader to seeing Niel L. Anderson for our devotional Tuesday! Sooooo where to begin??!! Thursday was great, we got to go to the Provo Temple. Friday and Saturday we taught our two investigators again Jesica y Miguel and that went good. I have not had the chance to host the new missionaries that have come in yet :/ fingers crossed for this week and being able to host.  As Zone Leader I miss the last hour of class to orient and give a tour of the campus to our new district.  Monday was a hard day. My companion Elder Rushton found out that one of his best friends died Sunday night in a car accident. That really shook him up, the branch presidency allowed him to miss class and send some emails during the day. By the end of the night he was better because he told us because of the plan of salvation he will see his friend again.

Tuesday was good. We were at the Marriot Center on Tuesday for our devitional, the speaker was Elder Neil L. Anderson of the Quarum of the Twelve Apostles. He told so many cool stories about missionary work! Then after it was raining and thunder and lightning really bad so we stayed after and sung hymns and Elder Anderson came up to our section to shake our hands. He stopped and turned back about three rows before me. He was 10 feet away though and a really big power of the spirit surrounded him!

Yesterday we had our lesson with one investigator (Miguel) and it was our best yet as we taught we could see how much he was changing and I think he saw we cared! Tomorrow we are extending the commitment to be baptised!! so keep your fingers crossed!!

 It is just crazy how much time has flown! One thing i have come to realize is that the Spanish is starting to come a lot easier! we have these grammar books that we learn out of and they have been super helpful! It is a book that I will take with me when I head to Mexico to continue my language study! The way it looks when I leave I will be at the SLC airport by 6 am and then I will have a hour layover in Georgia. every Elder headed to mexico city or south of there has gotten the same flight plans the different weeks that they have headed out!

 We got a new district last week and they are pretty cool but they make me feel dumb because they are intermiediet Spanish. but they are a great district.

Well thats all for this week! Please write when you have a chance.

 Love, Elder Darcy!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Two Weeks Down in the MTC!!

Hey everyone,
Well I have done it I have made it two weeks in the MTC!! It was nice to be on the same schedule as last week, because I knew what was happening all week and what I had going next. we had our Sunday devotional this week and the speaker was Vai Sekahima and it was super cool! He is a former punt/kick returner for BYU and a few different NFL teams.
Our days are super busy! There is a lot of study time and there is 6 Hours of class time. I have two different teachers throughout the day the first teacher is Hermana Vawdry she has been teaching us since day one. Then there is Hermano Byrd who started teaching us last week. When we walked into class and saw him it kind of blew our minds. He was the investigator that we were teaching last week!  When we walked in his back was turned to us and he waited until we sat down then he turned around and I think almost all of us had a heart attack! When we all saw him we were like what is going on. He has been a great teacher. Depending on their schedule whoever comes in first will teach us the language and how to teach. The night teacher teaches us gospel principals, public manners, how to be sincere with everyone. We are taught to talk to everyone thus fulfilling our purpose.
Between classes we have Personal study time, additional study (companion study), language study and TALL (Technology assisted Learning). They are all super useful. The area I am struggling with the most right now is the language.  The four years that I took Spanish in school Mrs. Anderson and Sr. Ayaviri talked about present tense conjugations and that is all we used. In the Spanish language there is close to 20-30 conjugations that we have to memorize. Not to mention all 150 plus verbs we need to remember. The nice thing is that our teachers have said as long as you know the verbs use the whole form so like vivir, hablar, cominar, leer, and escuhar. one of the few things that I can do really well is introduce myself: Hola! mi nombre es Elder Darcy y el es Elder Rushton y Elder Kershaw Mi compeneros. Nosotros Somos mssionarios de la iglesia de Jesus Cristo de los santos de los ultimos dias. y nosotros tenemos mesenje importante por usted.
That translates to "Hi, my name is Elder Darcy and this is Elder Rushton and Elder Kershaw my companions. we are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we have an important message for you.
 This has been a struggle but it is starting to come along. I am getting along with Elder Kershaw and Elder Rushton real well. We have been able to work out who teaches what in each lessons. Elder Kershaw is pretty good at Spanish now so it is nice to have someone there who is doing better than me right now. The goal is to be able to understand at least 50-75% of what is being said to me by September 16.
On Monday ,Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday we have time in the gym. This is a nice break to take some time to step back and breathe. On Monday I was playing basketball and I hit 6 2's (3's because we go by ones and twos here) and it impressed a few people. The food is all right. 
On Monday my district and the other district that came in with us become the oldest district in our zone. Our last zone leaders left for Mexico on this past Monday. The current zone leaders leave this Monday for Argentina. They were in the process of being  reassigned today cause their visa have not come through. Then on Monday they got travel plans and they were able to get a three month guest permit while they wait for their visas that they should be getting in two months!
I am loving the care packages and letters from home. We have been trading snacks with the Russia missionaries on our floor. They sing the Russia war song every night and they get LOUD!!
So that is my week, it has been a great week. Please take time to drop me a line if you have a minute I would love to hear from people from home.
Elder Darcy

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hola! Buenos Dias,

Well I have done it! I made it a week in the MTC without loosing any vital body parts or organs! :D its been great here just super busy. I got here last Wednesday, August 7th and it has been non-stop work since the moment that I walked in.

 When I got here my companion, Elder Parker, was a little more advanced in Spanish and got moved up to the intermediate Spanish class! Because of the change I have two companions now! I had been sharing a room with both of these Elders prior to the change. The first companion is Elder Rushton, Elder Rushton is from Orange County, California and has lived and grown up in California his whole life. He was born and raised in the church. He loves to surf and hang with friends. he is a great companion. Elder Kershaw is my second companion. Elder Kershaw just like Elder Rushton was born and raised in the church. He lives here in SLC and playes for the SLCC soccer team! He has a walk on spot to the team when he gets home in two years! I have a pretty cool district most of us are from Utah, but there is Elder Rushton and Elder Rolph (another Elder in my district) who are from California (Elder Rushton) and Mesa Arizona (Elder Rolph). Elder Rolph is such a funny guy. I think every day we have been her we have had a realy good laugh because of something he said. The best part is that he does not try he is just naturally funny! 

It was a crazy first week! We were told by other Elders and Sisters who had been here a few weeks to make it to Sunday and it would be easier. We made it to Sunday and this week has gone by a lot faster. Last week was kind of slow because Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we were in the classroom all day doing either personal study, language study, or additional study.

This week we have been teaching our first investigator David. It was hard because I don't know a lot of Spanish yet, but when we went in to teach David I was able to bear my testimony and give some thought to the message with the little Spanish I do know and something sparked in David, and we got him to commit to baptism last night!!! So maybe I won't be too bad of a missionary!

On Tuesday we had a devotional at the Marriot Center on the BYU campus and we got to hear from Richard G Scott of the Quorm of the 12! It was so cool and the message was based on missionaries who are going to a foreign mission. 

I think that about sums up the week. One last note I would love to get hand written letters or Dear Elder. The way Dear Elder works is you can send me a letter and it can be delivered that same day as long as the letter is submitted by 12 pm that day. Otherwise I will get the letter the next day. My mailing information is below. I love you guys so much and miss you all!

Hope to hear from you soon! please feel free to write!

Much love,
Elder Brett Darcy

If you want to write my the mailing info is:
Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy
Sep 16 MEX-MCC
2009 N 900 E Unit 125
Provo UT, 84602

                                          Elder Parker and Elder Darcy

                                         Elder Rushton, Elder Kershaw, Elder Darcy

                                          The Book of Mormon in a nutshell
This afternoon Brett sent the following message to his Grandma:

We rode Front Runner and Trax to the Mexican Consulate. It is in the weirdest place ever.
It would have been the last place that I would have ever guessed. Its behind Spring Mobile Ball Park, the Bees Stadium.

Brett has his visa and will be going to Mexico City when he is finished in the MTC.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Day is finally here . . .

This is Brett I just wanted to thank every one who came to the open house. I am about to head into the MTC. Thank you to all who contributed to my missionary fund in anyway you did. I will be in the Provo MTC for six weeks learning Spanish. If you want to write me my MTC address is:

Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy
Sep 16 MEX-MCC
2009 N 900 E unit 125
Provo UT 84602

Thanks to all who came again and hope to hear from you all soon.

                                              At Breakfast with Grandma Linda at Mimi's

                                          Everyone who came to see Brett off

                                                  Getting in a final jab at his sister

                                                  Heading in to get to work!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Getting Ready to go

I am so excited to start this blog for Brett. I will update this weekly to let everyone know what is going on with Brett. Stay tuned for new updates. I will post a notification on Brett's Facebook page when the new entry has been published.