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First Week in Mexico

September 23, 2013

Brett flew to Mexico City on September 16, 2013 with about 10 other Elders from the MTC. He had a chance that morning to call and talk to his family. By the time he got through security and to his gate he only had a few minutes to talk to each of us. He sounded very anxious but was putting his trust in the Lord. The first part of his flight took him to Phoenix, Arizona. He had a two hour lay over and was able to call and talk to his mom and her family.

The rest of the trip was good for him and he arrived in Mexico city safely. He was met at the airport by his Mission President and then went to dinner with the other new missionaries and his Mission President. Brett was allowed to call home that night. He sounded so much better, relaxed, happy, and excited to begin working with the people in Mexico.  Below is the letter we received after his first week in Mexico. 


This has been my first week in Mexico and wow has it been crazy! We are definitely in the poorest part of Mexico City. It was so nice to get to talk to my family through out the day Monday!! I made it here safely and when we got here it was raining. I got to meet my mission president at the airport! His name is President Crickmore. We had our first interviews with him that night after we had dinner with him at  Burger king :D On Tuesday we got our companions/ trainers and our first area. My companions name is Elder Gomez and he is a Native from a state just south of the border under Texas and he speaks good English too. This will be a help to me with my Spanish!

My first area is Independencia 1 (or Independance 1) and it is a super poor area but the people there don´t care, they are so loving and caring! We have lunch with members, less actives,  and our investigators every day. As of right now we have 8  possibly 10 investigators we started to teach just this week! The way it work here is that we have to have our investigators at church for five weeks before baptism.  President Ckrickmore initiated that and it has now spread through out all of Mexico. The Area 70 really liked it and now it is required,  so we are set for two baptisms at the end of October and the rest at the beginning of November!

With conference coming up I was super worried that I would not understand the talks being given... but they have a separate room for the grennie gringos! Four of the Elders I was in the MTC with are in my Zone, so cool! Elder Bradshaw (from my MTC district),  Elder Thompson, Elder Grossman, and Elder Bennett. I got to meet the ward this week and they are super cool!

The food they give us is great and the salsa is spicy but I don't mind I find I am really liking it. Our bishop is pretty cool, he was  just called last year at the ripe old age of 32.  He is young, but cool! We teach about 8-10 lessons a day.

it has been tough - being further away from my family and friends, the new culture, and the difficulty with the Spanish language... but it has been fun! if you want to write me the mailing system down here just got more tight and people receive mail more often now the address is:

calle porvenir number 8
Col. centro
chalco de diaz covarrubias
c.p 56600
estado de mexico, mexico
This is the office aress this is the adress you send letters to for the next 22 months!
Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy

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