Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Phase 1 of 15 done

October 28, 2013

Today is the beginning of cycle 2 here in Mexico! We had a really crazy week though so let me lay it out for you:
Monday: last P-Day we got the chance to go up to D.F (I am sending a bunch of pictures to my dad) it was so cool we went to the biggest catholic church in Mexico.  A individual we met there tried to tell my companion that he is going to hell because he is Mexican and not a Catholic. it was interesting! We had some lunch at a place called Pirate Burger and that was actually pretty good! we went and did some shopping and I had gotten some B-day money from my grandpa so I used that to buy a Manchester United Jersey! We had our district meeting Monday night and a Family Home Evening where the Hermana made us hot cakes!
Tuesday: This day was tough. We went up to the mission office to get my companion a bed and when we got up there the member that said that he would help us couldn't because his car roof was to weak. when we got back to work it was one in the afternoon and we had missed one appointment already. The rest of the day was stressful because we were behind schedule and could not catch up. We also ended up walking in the rain because it started to rain out of no where.
Wednesday: This day was better more on track and we had a lesson with our investigator family. We allowed them to ask any questions that they had and we were able to help them progress towards baptism.  We met with the  ward mission coordinator and the ward mission leader Hermano Barron. we are doing good but we had 2 investigators drop us the last week so it was tough.
Thursday: was a normal work day and for Divisions we helped arrange rides for people for a ward activity.
Friday: so the highlight of Friday is that we had a visit with our investigator family and we went over the interview questions and set the interviews time for tomorrow at 5! I am super excited for this week!
Sat: today was a tough day to find lessons because there was a ward activity outside of the mission boundaries and so we were left with all the less active members and most of them were not home we only got  lessons in that day :/
Sun: so yesterday was the last day of the cycle and we were getting a call last night to see who is part of transfers on Tuesday. my companion and I were nervous for the call because in the three month interviews last week ,President Crickmore told my companion there was a possibility he would be transferred. When we got the call his name was not mentioned! but we know he is probably going next transfer after my training is done.  The next transfers are  in December and he will have been in the area 8 1/2 months. 
We have a member of the zone headed this week. Today for P-Day we climbed Elephant Mountain (a really big mountain) with part of our zone.  This mountain is right in the middle of Valle de Chalco and Ixtacapaluca, I got pictures which I will send tonight.
Brett and Elder Gomez on Elephant Mountain
As I sat at the top and looked out over this grand valley I realized this is where I am supposed to be. The downside is that if the next 15 cycles go as fast as this last one my mission will be over before I know it. The conclusion that I came to on the top of that mountain was I have to make it all count, do my best,  and have no regrets as I fly over this valley one last time when I go home. I am 6 weeks in Mexico with so much more time but I promise all of you I will do the best that I can to "invite others to come unto Christ, by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ, and his atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end"
I Love you all Via co dios!
Elder Darcy

Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy


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