Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Better Week!

October 7, 2013

Brett is working hard in Chalco. I asked him about the homes in his area and he says there are some houses to would fit into our kitchen and several family members live in that small space. But the people are so happy and willing to share all they have with others.

Brett and his companion have a small fridge that they have some milk and yogurt in and they get a couple of boxes of cereal a week. That is their breakfast. Members in the Ward feed them lunch and dinner and they never go hungry. They are well taken care of. This pictures below are the room Brett and his companion are staying in.

The Bed on the left if Brett's

This is their kitchen working area



Their clothes are washed by the family they live with.



"The Front Porch Looking in!"


¿Como esta familia y amigos? Ha ha I just wanted to use a little Spanish today ;).  This week has been a better week! I was able to have a good long talk with my companion on Tuesday and the week flew right to Conference! before I get to that let's talk about the rest of the week. When I talked to my companion on Tuesday we talked about a lot! One of the topics we discussed is my Spanish. We had not been talking all that much in Spanish. This was part to help me understand him and to help him use English. But now we have this agreement where we can talk English in the house and Spanish in the streets. Here is the catch if we say an English word in la calle (street) we have to do 2 flexion (push-ups) the next morning during exercises.
The first day you would not believe the totals.... me 30 and Elder Gomez 70...... I was slightly confused at the end of the day.... but it has been helping and I have started keeping a pocket sized notebook to write down word or phrases that I don't know to memorize and remember them. The weather has been cooling down and we have mountains to the south of us that we can see snow in the top of them............ I didn't like it.....AT ALL... but the weather has been nice.

OK,  Drumroll Please............. CONFRENCE!! Conference was cool! I am nowhere near ready for the Spanish sessions yet so I watched in English with over half of my zone. It was so cool and I absolutely loved this conference. In fact I loved it so much that I have 8 pages of notes on it! I will be adding a Conference highlight at the end of each update.
The only problems was yesterdays afternoon session, five minutes after it started it started to rain and we lost the signal until the second to last speaker. But I caught most of it! All of our investigators came to one session so we still have five baptism dates for November 2!!
I have another busy week coming up this week I have splits in my area with the other Elders in Independencia 2 (the other part of our area) on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday I am doing splits with one of my zone leaders. I love you all and hope all is well! 

Confrence highlight: "Doubt your doubts, BEFORE you doubt your faith"- President Uchdorf

Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy

                                                             Getting ready for

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