Saturday, August 23, 2014

Week 53: Just another normal week!

August 11, 2014

jaja! I am learning new phrases now :D It was an awesome week! I had a lot happen in this week ! for one I made a year here in the mission and we had a baptism! It was a pretty good week! But to top it off , my companion got super sick with a stomach infection on Saturday after the baptism, but he is doing better now. Then with more news we have another baptism this week! I am so excited things are going well we are busy at work! it overall was a good week and a fast week I just cannot believe that I have one year in the mission now! it is super crazy! other than that all is going well!

So this week we had a baptism! The Brother had been coming to church for a while and he always told us that he lived in the upper part of the ward! I thought lives in the are of the other two Elders and we kept passing the reference but one day they told us that they could not find the house, so when my companion got here that next Sunday we talked to the guy and we asked him for his address and it turns out that he lives on the boarders of our areas and he fell into our part! he accepted our invitation today!! all of the commitments and all of the lesson  that we shared with him! It was so cool! After my companion got super sick and could not do much because he had a stomach infection! so it was a super crazy day!

Thursday I hit exactly one year in my mission and it was super crazy! then that day we had divisions with our zone leaders and I was with my zone leader Elder Lamont who is from my same generation! so it was fun! then that night we went to his house and we finished the divisions AND we celebrated the one year with the burring of shirts! and yes I have pictures!
1 Year Mark - Burning of a shirt!
Breakfast of Champions! Frosted Flakes with Coke!
other than that it was a good week not a lot happened it was super slow but here are a few more pics!

Cleaning the font

I love you all. I hope that you have good week! I will let you know what is going on with this next baptism! she has to have an interview with the President!


 Elder Darcy

Week 52: Half Way!!

August 4, 2014
Well first off I have been bad at doing an update for the last few weeks,  am sorry about that! Well quite a bit has happened recently! I am training right now and it is so much fun! we are almost at the end of another cycle and this Thursday I HAVE ONE YEAR!! It is so crazy!! I don't know what to think about that. I am going super crazy right now! But one thing is for sure..... I have seen such a huge growth in my testimony in the last year and I was like WOW! So where to start,  where to start!
To start off I am a "dad" which means I am training! I started training when we had changes at the start of this last month! The name of my companion is Elder Aguilar! He is from Tijuana Baja California! He is pretty cool! We have gotten so much work done in these last 4 weeks! As of right now we have an investigator who passed his interview and will be getting baptized this next Saturday! Then we have other dates for next Saturday the 16tha and the end of the month the 30th! We have been getting so much work done that it has been really fun! But I am really enjoying this companion because I feel like with him, more than ever in my mission, I am learning the significance of being a "true disciple of Christ" it is truly amazing! and I am Truly grateful for this chance that the Lord has given me to be a missionary!
Here we are the second to last week of this cycle and as I look back at this cycle and have to say that we truly did our best and I know that there were things that we could have done better but we still have these next two weeks before we start again! I am pretty excited because if you remember back in April one of the baptisms that I had, her name is Sheila, we have recently been working with her mom who has been attending our Church for about two years now........ yeah I know two years! It's crazy!  Because she has the 5 Sundays investigators are required to have we have a date with her to be baptized the 16th of August!
But the time is just flying! I can't believe it! I feel like there were points of these last four months that were just super slow but now I am at a year! I have always heard from other missionaries that the mission in terms of tiempo is a hill! months one to 11 are super slow at times because that is the climb up the hill! Then month 12 is the top and to finish months 13 to 24 is that fast race down! It's super crazy! I can't believe in a year (a little less) it will be over I will be back home and everything that I have done will be set in stone!
I would like to finish with my testimony that I know this work is true. I testify that Jesus is the Christ! and that He lived and died for every one of us and like he states in Joshua "Fear not for I am with thee I will not fail thee nor forsake thee. I will give thee aid." I know that through him the prophet Joseph Smith restored the Church, translated the Book of Mormon and restored every Priesthood key here to the earth! I know that I am here in this part of the Lord's vineyard for a reason! I know that he called me here to do this work! And I will proudly work to the end in "the greatest army on earth." I testify that Thomas S. Monson is our living prophet today!  These things I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

I love you guys and hope that you have a great week! I will be sending pictures in the next week of a few activities that have taking place!
que dios les bendiga!
con muco cariƱo!
Elder Darcy