Sunday, August 25, 2013

Two Weeks Down in the MTC!!

Hey everyone,
Well I have done it I have made it two weeks in the MTC!! It was nice to be on the same schedule as last week, because I knew what was happening all week and what I had going next. we had our Sunday devotional this week and the speaker was Vai Sekahima and it was super cool! He is a former punt/kick returner for BYU and a few different NFL teams.
Our days are super busy! There is a lot of study time and there is 6 Hours of class time. I have two different teachers throughout the day the first teacher is Hermana Vawdry she has been teaching us since day one. Then there is Hermano Byrd who started teaching us last week. When we walked into class and saw him it kind of blew our minds. He was the investigator that we were teaching last week!  When we walked in his back was turned to us and he waited until we sat down then he turned around and I think almost all of us had a heart attack! When we all saw him we were like what is going on. He has been a great teacher. Depending on their schedule whoever comes in first will teach us the language and how to teach. The night teacher teaches us gospel principals, public manners, how to be sincere with everyone. We are taught to talk to everyone thus fulfilling our purpose.
Between classes we have Personal study time, additional study (companion study), language study and TALL (Technology assisted Learning). They are all super useful. The area I am struggling with the most right now is the language.  The four years that I took Spanish in school Mrs. Anderson and Sr. Ayaviri talked about present tense conjugations and that is all we used. In the Spanish language there is close to 20-30 conjugations that we have to memorize. Not to mention all 150 plus verbs we need to remember. The nice thing is that our teachers have said as long as you know the verbs use the whole form so like vivir, hablar, cominar, leer, and escuhar. one of the few things that I can do really well is introduce myself: Hola! mi nombre es Elder Darcy y el es Elder Rushton y Elder Kershaw Mi compeneros. Nosotros Somos mssionarios de la iglesia de Jesus Cristo de los santos de los ultimos dias. y nosotros tenemos mesenje importante por usted.
That translates to "Hi, my name is Elder Darcy and this is Elder Rushton and Elder Kershaw my companions. we are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we have an important message for you.
 This has been a struggle but it is starting to come along. I am getting along with Elder Kershaw and Elder Rushton real well. We have been able to work out who teaches what in each lessons. Elder Kershaw is pretty good at Spanish now so it is nice to have someone there who is doing better than me right now. The goal is to be able to understand at least 50-75% of what is being said to me by September 16.
On Monday ,Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday we have time in the gym. This is a nice break to take some time to step back and breathe. On Monday I was playing basketball and I hit 6 2's (3's because we go by ones and twos here) and it impressed a few people. The food is all right. 
On Monday my district and the other district that came in with us become the oldest district in our zone. Our last zone leaders left for Mexico on this past Monday. The current zone leaders leave this Monday for Argentina. They were in the process of being  reassigned today cause their visa have not come through. Then on Monday they got travel plans and they were able to get a three month guest permit while they wait for their visas that they should be getting in two months!
I am loving the care packages and letters from home. We have been trading snacks with the Russia missionaries on our floor. They sing the Russia war song every night and they get LOUD!!
So that is my week, it has been a great week. Please take time to drop me a line if you have a minute I would love to hear from people from home.
Elder Darcy

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  1. Hey Elder, loved the post. Great to hear that things are going well. The ward is doing great, lots going on. We love to hear from you and took a minute to read e few sentences from you letter in Sacrament meeting. Keep up the great work. Don't worry the language will come, my brother-in-law served in Mexico and he didn't take any Spanish in high school so at least you have some background. He's currently using his Spanish every single day at work and it has been a real blessing in his life.
    Love you my brother. Take care and God bless.