Thursday, September 12, 2013

Half way through the MTC

August 29, 2013

Hola!! Como esta familia? mi tiempo en el ccm es muy bueno y rapido! hay es mucho tiempo por estudiar! yo escribo en espanol en me ajenda siempre! you comideo muy mucho orques et es muy bueno y filling! el espiritu santo es siempre aqui!

How are you family? My time here in the MTC has been great and quick! We have A LOT of study time! I have gotten to the point where I can write in my planner in Spanish! I have eaten a lot of food and it is good but filling! the spirit is always here. It is crazy we (my district and I) are past our halfway point! Three weeks from today I will be in Mexico! We figured it out that one week from this Monday the 2nd so the week of the 9th we will get our travel plans!! Our time has just flown by here, it is crazy!

This last week has been another great week! From becoming Zone Leader to seeing Niel L. Anderson for our devotional Tuesday! Sooooo where to begin??!! Thursday was great, we got to go to the Provo Temple. Friday and Saturday we taught our two investigators again Jesica y Miguel and that went good. I have not had the chance to host the new missionaries that have come in yet :/ fingers crossed for this week and being able to host.  As Zone Leader I miss the last hour of class to orient and give a tour of the campus to our new district.  Monday was a hard day. My companion Elder Rushton found out that one of his best friends died Sunday night in a car accident. That really shook him up, the branch presidency allowed him to miss class and send some emails during the day. By the end of the night he was better because he told us because of the plan of salvation he will see his friend again.

Tuesday was good. We were at the Marriot Center on Tuesday for our devitional, the speaker was Elder Neil L. Anderson of the Quarum of the Twelve Apostles. He told so many cool stories about missionary work! Then after it was raining and thunder and lightning really bad so we stayed after and sung hymns and Elder Anderson came up to our section to shake our hands. He stopped and turned back about three rows before me. He was 10 feet away though and a really big power of the spirit surrounded him!

Yesterday we had our lesson with one investigator (Miguel) and it was our best yet as we taught we could see how much he was changing and I think he saw we cared! Tomorrow we are extending the commitment to be baptised!! so keep your fingers crossed!!

 It is just crazy how much time has flown! One thing i have come to realize is that the Spanish is starting to come a lot easier! we have these grammar books that we learn out of and they have been super helpful! It is a book that I will take with me when I head to Mexico to continue my language study! The way it looks when I leave I will be at the SLC airport by 6 am and then I will have a hour layover in Georgia. every Elder headed to mexico city or south of there has gotten the same flight plans the different weeks that they have headed out!

 We got a new district last week and they are pretty cool but they make me feel dumb because they are intermiediet Spanish. but they are a great district.

Well thats all for this week! Please write when you have a chance.

 Love, Elder Darcy!

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