Friday, November 22, 2013

2 Meses (months) in mexico!

November 18, 2013

Hola De Mexico! Hello from Mexico! I have now been here for two months and I do not like it at all...because the time is moving too fast!! This week we had a multi zone conference with us (solidaridad) and mayaualcol (May-a-walk-cole)  Elder Valenzuela of the first Quorum of the Seventy. He was so cool! We had a picture with Elder Valenzuela, President Crickmore, and the missionaries from the two zones! I was in the front cause I'm a shorty. I was placed right between President Crickmore and Elder Valenzuela it was the coolest thing ever! It was cool afterwards we all got to meet him and shake his hand!

That same day and the night before we had a couple of different meetings with him in our wards, our Stake, and in the zones, it was all about: the Importance La Obra De Salvaccion! (the Work of salvation).

I want to share with you everyone that its really important for members at home to help us as missionaries. The missionaries cannot do all of the work themselves, it is just too much sometimes. we needed the members to help us with this work! because as one of the great scriptures say the reason of this work "Is to bring to pass the salvation and immortality of man" Moses 1:39. My prayer to you and what you can do to help me is to help the missionaries that are assigned in your area!

I had another cool opportunity this week. We had splits with the other two missionaries in our ward. I stayed in my area and was Senior companion for a day. I got to lead the area for that day! It was really cool to see how much I have learned in the last 8 weeks here in Mexico and how fast I learned the area! This is really important to me because in the next transfers in a few weeks my companion is likely to be part of changes because he will have been in the same area for the entire nine moths he has been here. 
Other than that all is well! The Church is true!! EL VIVE!

Love  you all.  I miss you all, god speed my friends! 

Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy

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