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Izcalli 1

December 16, 2013

So ahora yo so en Izcalli 1 is es un muy bonita area! haha there is my Spanish for the week! I am now in Ixtapaluca in the ward of Izcalli! My new comapion's name is William Hernandez! Here is the best part he can't speak English, which means my Spanish has to get used more and likely improve. The area is really nice and there are families that are pretty well to do compared to my last area. I will send pictures out of the house on Wednesday at our MISSION CHRISTMAS PARTY! Let me just say it is not a small room this time, but it is an appartment on the second floor!
So the week was a good week! New area new missionaries! All that jazz, first off our district has 8 companionships and one of the companionships (in our ward) is hermanas and one of them are new and  she is from...wait for it...wait for it... WEST JORDAN, UTAH! The Sisters are so cool! They work hard and are super dedicated. The down side is that in our ward there is a hill overlooking the area. and I was hoping that we would get the hill, but  the sisters get the view of Ixtapaluca, Valle de Chalco, and Chalco... its all good though! So i am coming into the area with a lot of work to do! We have almost 20 different investigators who ae not progressing and are at different points. So I am excited to hep them with that! 
This week I got to meet a number of them and we already have two baptism dates for the end of December! They are two kids whose grandma was a Jehovah's Witness! I am excited for that!

Other than that we have a chance to go to the temple with this family on Saturday to see the Visitors Center. I am super excited for that cause our mission now has permission to go to the Visitors Center with investigators.  We won't be able to do a session in the Temple because it closes in January until June of 2015 for renovations :( but the visitors center will always be open! So we have that opprotunity! 
The only other thing is yo so MUCHO MUCHO MUCH emochinado porque yo tengo un oprotunidad a hablar con mi familia! haha more Spanish and it's only been a week! I get to talk to my familia next week! and on Christmas we are not work same with New Year's Eve and New Years Day as well as on Christmas Eve. On New Year's Eve we only work till 6 then are with families the rest of the night until 10:30!

I miss you all and love you all hope everyone has a great Navidad! EL Vive!
Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy

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