Sunday, January 26, 2014

Phase 3 of 16 begins now!


December 9, 2013
So Yesterday we were supposed to get the transfer/ cambios call BUT............................. there were complications or the President didn't get a confirmation so the call didn't come until today! So my companion Elder Gomez has 8 months and 1 week here in Independencia so we knew that he would be going and we were right but here is the big news! He did go and he is headed to Chalco as a.... Zone Leader! So after he was done freaking out our Zone Leader Elder Buchanan (who returns home to utah on Wednesday) said Elder Darcy has cambios too.... i thought that meant that i was getting my new companion.... But here is the bigger news!!! I AM LEAVING INDEPENDENCIA!!! Yep on Wednesday at the changes meeting our area is getting white washed! So...where am I going?? well I am coming home..... HAHA NOT!
My new area:  Izcali Ixtapaluca! My new companions name is Elder Hernandez! The change meeting is Wednesday at 12 and that is when i will meet my new companion!

The area of Independencia was a great area! In the last 3 months here we had the baptisms of an entire family and one last baptism yesterday!

Yesterday after church we had a Baptism! it was this15 year old. He has been investigating the church since June or July and he finally had enough consistent Sundays to be baptised! so I feel I left the area in a good way!

I just wish that I had more time here! It feels like it flew by (cause it did) but if my time here is up its time to move on to the next area and help those I need to help!

Thanks everyone for all of your support and love and support you are giving me!

Feliz navidad y un buen nuevo año 

Elder Darcy
Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy

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