Sunday, January 26, 2014

Back to Work!

January 13, 2014

HOLA! so this week was defiantly a better week! now that the holidays are over we were able to get back to work and it was a good week! some of the experiences that I have to share are: last Monday, a tough day Friday and an amazing Noche de hogar (Family home evening) yesterday night! but first here is my week and what happened:
Monday (last week) we had a zone meeting and had a super cool lesson about the atonement of the Savior! the lesson was about sacrifice, and two of the Hermanas were teaching the lesson. they had two small loafs of bread and said for every person who took a piece of bread one of the Elders, Elder Dixon,  had to do 15 military pushups so we began and people started taking bread. In our zone there is about an even number of Elders and Sisters there is about 16 elders and 16 Hermanas. and I was the last Elder to be offered bread before the Hermana's and by this point Elder Dixon was hurting a lot and it was really hard for him to do the push up´s at this point! so I said no thanks to the bread but it was forced on me... at the end of this the Hermana's said that no matter if we wanted Him to or not Jesus Christ paid and suffered for our sins and we need to remember what He did for us!
Tue: We set to work for the week and it was a good day we had 8 different lessons but at the same time right now we cannot find any of our investigators so it is a little frustrating but it's life and we´ll get them this week!
Wed: This day was more lessons. There is one Hermana in the ward that has been listening to the testigos (Jehovah Witness) and she was trying to convince us that Jehovah is our Heavenly Father..... but after 45 minutes of taking with her she finally realized the Jehovah is another name for Christ!
Thursday: Today was weekly planning and it was a slow day because after planning was over we had to head off for lunch so it was a slower day but we had lessons!
Friday: Today was a super tough day we only had 3 lessons all day because people were not home or people didn´t want to answer their doors..... so it was another great learning day and a good exercise day too! after we got home that night and after planning for Saturday I fell on my bed and my legs felt so week I slept good that night!
Sat: We had more lessons! we made the base of 35 lessons for the week for the first time this cycle it made me so happy! There were a lot of lessons and we received a good number of references from the members too!
Sunday: Now the mornings on Sundays are a little tougher because church is at 8 AM so we have to get ready pretty quick and we have to try to be awake! It´s nice because after we report and then eat then have 5-6 hours to work! Yesterday we had a Noche de Hogar and one of our mas o menos investigators were there and we watched a film called finding faith in Christ and it was so cool because we could feel the spirit. Our investigator felt the spirit so much too! We have another appointment with her on Thursday!
That about sums up my week. Heading into this week, this is yet again the last week of another cycle. I know I am not training this next cycle but we still have the changes call coming Sunday and changes are next Tuesday! and given my companions history he is not in an area for long so we will have to see what happens!
Other wise all is well I want you all to know that I love you and because of that activity on Monday my view of the atonement has changed so much!
Love you all and have a good week!
Elder Darcy!

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