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Feliz Navidad

December 23, 2013


Unlike Utah,  the weather here is not cold and white! It is nice, warm, and sunny! Because of this next week being Christmas there were not a lot of people home:( but its all good because I had one of the collest things happened on Friday!!!!! We went to the Mexico City Temple! the other highlight is that we are still on track for two baptisms on the 4th of January! I do have to say the Temple was pretty cool!
Mexico City Temple: we really didn't have the chance to do a session but we were there at the visitors center (with our district) and with conversos y menos activos (less active members)! and it was the coolest thing ever! The Visitors Center just opened again from renovations and it was really spiritual and interactive! The best part was all the Christmas lights around the Temple and the different people there investigating! The Temple closes at the start of January and does not open again until June of 2015 so if have investigators at that point the best I can hope for is taking them to the open house! But the visitors center is open the whole time! 
This week we also had 2 investigators who we have been working with set dates for baptisms. They are set to be baptised in the start of January! Their grandma fue bautizado in the start of this month and so if they get baptised (go to church this sunday) we are hoping to take them to the Temple that day to see the visitors center and all that fun stuff!
Well i hope everyone is safe in all that they do and I hope that everyone has a good Christmas! I am MUY MUY EMOCIONADO A HABLAR CON MI FAMILIA!!! It really is crazy that the call from the airport  september 16th to this call has just flown. As we all go into this season remember to "let Him in" and that "three kings found the Lord and so can we" also the story of his great and amazing birth is Luke 2:1-12 it is the best story in the scriptures because it is the one of our great Lords birth! 

Love you all and FELIZ NAVIDAD!

Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy

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