Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

January 6, 2014

I am kind of happy that the New Year week is over! I don't mean to sound bitter about the holidays because that is not it, but because the work was sure down! I want to work more to help the people in any way I can but that is hard because we had a day of cut work and the following day no work! but over all this week was a good week just a brief look at this last week and some of the cooler experiences after!

Monday, (last week), I got a flu shot! also a Christmas package from my dad and Grandma with some pretty cool ties! Then we went shopping in the Chalco center Tiangies!

Tue: we taught and for the half work day we went with a family and played Uno for 2 hours. The two hours was all one round because all of the cards fell differently! 

wed: we didn't work but we were at the Ixtapaluca Stake as a zone almost all day. It was a fun day. We played capture the flag, dodge ball and American football!! it was so much fun then we ordered pizza from dominos and watched the best two years! it was a good day!

Thursday we started work again and taught some more!

Friday: we had divisions and I went to the other ward with our District Leader Elder Alberqueque I learned a lot and I ate a lot too! we had 5 hotdog each for lunch then the next lesson we finished up and then they fed us then had jell-o at another house then we had a Noche de Hogar (Family home evening) and there was food there too!

Sat: we finished our divisions and we had........2 BAPTISMS. We baptized 2 youth whose grandma got baptized last month (year;)) and now their mom is interested in listening so might be able to baptize her in the next five weeks too!

Sun: we got to confirm the youth we baptized. I did one of the baptisms and it was really cool! I take the meaning "let the holy spirit guide" to a whole new meaning!

So one of the coolest experiences that I had this week was today! We had a zone meeting and it was about sacrifice. it was one of the coolest most life changing events that I had while I have been out here so far! the two Hermana's who taught us had one of the Elders get up in front of the zone and she said Elder for every piece of bread that someone takes you have to do 15 pushups! And Elders started to take the bread and I was in the middle the last elder to take bread before the Hermana's and by time the bread got to me the Elder was struggling so much. I told the Hermana that I didn´t want the bread but she forced it on me by setting it in my lap and she said to the other elder 15 pushups and by the end the 25-30 of us took the bread the elder collapsed half of us were in tears from watching him suffer then one of the Hermana's teaching said" the pain that Elder Dixon is feeling.. this is the pain that the Lord felt times 50. The Lord sacrificed so much for us. We need to help him in all that we can with this work and we need to remember the pains that he suffered for us and remember the love he gave." It was a different way of seeing the explanation of the atonement. You all have no  idea how much my love grew for the Savior today and how much more I appreciate what He did for me and what He did for you! Remember what He did and never forget it! 

I love you all and wish you all a good start to this new year keep Him with you because EL VIVE. I can testify to this that He lives and that He suffered the most unbearable pains in the world for all of us and that more than anything He wants us back with Him for eternity! I can testify to this in His name even Jesus Christ. Amen.

I love you all so much I hope all is well,

Elder Darcy

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