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Where Has The Time Gone?!

December 2, 2013

Yo estoy muy enserio! Where is the time gone! It was a good but fast week! We had 2 different service projects and a bunch of lessons...oh,  and WE ARE BAPTIZING ANOTHER INVESTIGATOR THIS WEEK! I am so excited!

This is more than likely my last week with Elder Gomez because a of yesterday he has 8 months in the mission....And area. Today or tomorrow we find out if I am training or not!! Everyone keeps telling me that if I don't train then I am going to be the new DL...but I don't want that. BUT whatever the Lord wants "I will go and do as he commands" (1 Nephi 3:7)

So my week was good! First off we taught 8-9 lessons a day! My personal favorites were on Wednesday and jueves (Thursday). On Wednesday we had 5 lessons with members and 3 less active members lessons! Thursday was super cool because it was 8 menos activo lessons and 2 of them were people we found or they found us! The first was a guy that found us and was living in Los Ángeles for the past 15 years until about 3 months ago! The other one is a family and it is kind of sad because they were converts in Chalco but then a member went and robbed them of all they had.. but they are super cool and we had a NOH(Noche de Hogar) family home evening with them and one of the hermanos that was there as well shared D&C 10:5 I loved that Scripture so much! 

We were helping wih a project we started last week to sand paint off a wall! The other service project was in our area we helped one of our menos activos familias paint their coina (kitchen) and that was fun and long! it took almost 8 hours! They said that they would come to church and but they did not, . so they are our first visit tomorrow.
This next Sunday we are baptizing another investigator after church! He is a young man named Edgar. He has attended Church the last five Sunday's and is real excited about being baptized. The YM leader won't be there on Saturday so we will have his baptism on Sunday after Church. 
Other than that all is well and i will be writing to you again in like 30 min for the next email ;) because it feels like time moves that fast! 
As this is now December the one thing that come to mind is songs from the Forgotten Carols : Let Him In. We need to remember to let Him into our lives all year round as we go to and from with all that we have going on no matter where we are in the world remember to let Him in!

Love you all y feliz navidad

Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy

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