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February 17, 2014

So this week was a really good week! We worked hard and we did a lot. There are so many things that happened and not to mention I think that I have had a big part of my own conversion out here!! But here is a quick highlights of this last week.

The firs of the week were normal working days for us. We worked a lot and we found some people to teach and we taught a lot of lessons. They were good days and we taught a lot.
On Wednesday we had divisions and I was with the other American Elder in my ward Elder Ragle, who is from California. He has been here about 3 months less than me. I was super nervous because we were in my area and we are both learning Spanish. The day went good, we had about 4-5 lessons (thats bad) but they were legit lessons. I had the fear of oh we only know a little bit of Spanish so not much will happen. But the lessons were good and they lasted at least 30 min each instead of our normal five. LOL. But it was a good day! 
Friday is the day that I am sure I experienced a big part of my conversion! We  did not have many lessons scheduled and in the late afternoon when we got to a members house and we decided to read out of the first chaper of Moses. We did that and talked about how we are all children of God. Some of the comments the member we were teaching said just touched me and I felt a jolt of  energy! I realized (after the lesson) the importance of this work and gained a huge love for all the members here and most important the non-members I can do my best to help while I am here! that was truly and amazing day and experience for me! 
Saturday we found out we are baptizing again! We had an interview for an investigator and ound that had gone to church every week but the fifth so our Zone Leaders said she only needs three more weeks of attendance and then we can baptize her. The rule is that we have to have an interview a week before the baptism so we had it on Saturday. Everything went well and our investigator needs to have an interview with Presidente Crickmore and then we can look at setting a baptism date.
Sunday at church the Bishop's son gave his farewell talk. We tried to visit a couple of people before we had to go to the stake for Elder Lopez to report our districts numbers but nothing much really happened.
So that was my week. All is well and I am super excited for this upcoming Saturday because the president can help our investigator get ready for baptism.

Love you all hope you all have a good week

Elder Darcy

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