Sunday, October 26, 2014

14 months!!!! What!!! Where is the time!!‏

October 6, 2014


So ya 14 months I can't believe that we are already at that point! Before we know it it will be 18 months!! It's super crazy!! but all is well! this last week we had transfers and that was good. I am in a new area called Culturas! It's nice because we are right off to the side of the center of Chalco! It takes like 10 min to walk their from our house! Let's not forget that conference was this week! It was super great!  Other than that all has been super calm!
Transfers were great I am now in Chalco! I am in the ward Culturas! My companion is an elder from my generation his name is Elder Thomson! He is a missionary from Honolulu Hawii. Iit has been a great week with him! We both are new to the area and for that the work is slow but all is well here!! We are slowly but surly meeting people. The highlight of this week is that we got to the house after the transfer meeting! The house was a MESS! it was a joke the worst part was cleaning the fridge that had a month and a half of cheese and hamburger patties left in it and the fridge had been unplugged the day the last missionaries left! so lets just say that the fridge did not smell the best when we opened it! The next day I got the great privilege  to clean it! It was so much fun!! no not really I came close to throwing-up a few times because of the smell! but at the end of 1 1/2 to 2 hours of cleaning the fridge smelt like a fresh rained on field (does that make sense? :S)! All is going well here in the new area!!
So how about that conference!! That was so cool! I was a little thrown off at first because the last few weeks we have been listening to the last conference talks over and over again that i was used to that and i was like where is that! but it was great! I feel that this conference was focused on the fact that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God! It's part I feel that was given because there are a ton of people here that do not have a solid testimony that Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration and some don't think that he is all that important!!! It was good for all of us to remember the importance of the divinity of Joseph Smith! I loved the talks from Sunday that were about personal revelation and how and what we can do to receive it! I loved that talk from the Sunday afternoon session where the guy talked about the four tools 1- prayer 2- scripture study 3- family home evening and 4- regular temple attendance! I believe that as we do all four of these things we will receive our revelation and how we can be "spiritually tracked" for our "personal load" it truly was a great conference! on top of that I really loved how the members of the 70 got to share their talks in their native language! it was great! when the two members gave their talks in Spanish we flipped to the Spanish channel and listened in Spanish! it was so cool!

Well love you guys hope you all have a good week and that all goes well! may god bless you all!!

until next time,

Elder Darcy

Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy
Calle Porvenir No. 8
Col. Centro, Chalco
Edo. De Mèxico
C.P. 56600, Mèxico

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