Sunday, October 12, 2014

Spiritual Experiences!

August 25, 2014
Hey all, how is it going! I have to say that all is going well here! This last few weeks have been pretty good just super busy! A few weeks ago we had another baptism! and it was so cool! Since then we had changes! So everything was only a little crazy because we didn't have changes ( so that means that I am still in Buenavista!) but that is okay because I love this ward! And I love my area! then this last week I had some spiritual experiences that were super cool! It has been a good week!
A few weeks back we had a baptism. The lady who got baptized has been taught for more than two years and she finally agreed to be baptized! The experience was actually pretty cool. We went to visit her about a month ago and we taught the subject of baptism and at the end we asked her how she felt, and she told us that she feels ready. But I had known that she had been living with her boyfriend so I asked her what was happening there because that is a requirement for baptism. When I asked she was like don't worry I will be visiting him tomorrow and I will tell him he can't live here and we cant have those types of relations if we are not married. I was like WOW! That was so cool! I did get to baptize her! She walked out of her interview and said that she wanted me to do the ordinance, it was so cool!
Then the last few weeks I have seen that when they say that the mission is hard it is not a lie! I had some struggles this last week and as I was studying the scriptures and praying I felt like I got partial answers but I felt like something was missing! Yesterday in priesthood we talked about the things we need to do to make a "Spiritual Load" from Elder Bednars talk in April! and the Spirit just hit me so hard and said there is what you need to do! So i know know what is my spiritual load and I know for a surety that this is Gods church and he answers our prayers!!

I love you all and hope that you all have a good week! que dios les bendiga!
Elder Darcy
Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy
Calle Porvenir No. 8
Col. Centro, Chalco
Edo. De Mèxico
C.P. 56600, Mèxico

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