Thursday, July 9, 2015

100 weeks in and two to go!

July 6, 2015


Well This is it! I have been here at work for 100 weeks now and I have only 2 weeks left!! It is so wierd to think that the end is near! I have loved and enjoyed being a missionary! This last weeks has been good and went super fast! We did have some problems with some investigators that we have this week and it bummed me out and yesterday was my last Fast Sunday in the mission Field! Today this email is coming in late because a couple senior missionary couples that live here in Chalco invited us to thier house to eat today! But over all it has been a good week with a ton of clouds and Rain! But it has been GREAT!!

Problems with investigators:
So this next saturday we were going to be baptising our investigator Angel who we have been teaching for over a month! BUT!!!! Yesterday he called us to inform us that he would not be coming to church cause he had a family event and he procceded to tell us that he had talked to his parents about him getting baptised (cause they are not members and are not interested in the message) And the are ok if he gets baptized but in a month!...... So we were like well flip what are we going to do because he was suposed to have his interview yesterday. So we decided that we will have to talk to him on Tuesday when we have our appt with him!

Then we found a family A week ago that we started teaching and we put baptismal dates with them for the 8th of Aug and all was going great! They had been to church last sunday and enjoyed it! But the thing is that they work in a school and the principal gives them assignments! and the spesific assignment that they got this last weekend was to paint the desks of a couple 9th graders cause they were super vandalized. They started on Friday and had all day Saturday and we hlped them out and we were ready to go for them to come to church on sunday! BUT!!!! The next day they were so focused on cleaning the school that they did not come! We went to go get them and they said that they had to much work! We told them that they could come for just the first hour to Sacrament Meeting! But they still said no and all the baptimal date that we had with them fell and our last baptism of the mission fell through!

Last Fast sunday:
So yesterday was my last fast and testimony meeting in the mission! And as we were sitting there partaking of the Sacrament a thought or a voic came to me and said "Hey it's your last fast and testimony meeting you should get up and share your testimony." So that is what I did! And I am glad I did! It was a great experiance and a wierd one to think that the next I will be home! But it was a good sunday!

Goodbye Lunch:
So like I commented before today we were invited to lunch! We have three pairs of senior missionaries here in the mission that are the secretaries for the mission and they invited us and a few other missionaries finishing thier missions a few weeks to go to Chalco and eat lunch with them! It was great it was grilled meat! It was super delicious! We had a great time as well! One of the missionary couples is from Roseville CA. And he was a missionary here in Mexico and he shared with us some stories and excited us to finish our missions strong! But it was great! So that is why this email is coming late!

President Packer:
On Friday July 3rd as a lot of us know President Boyd K. Paker President of the quourm of the 12 Apostols Passed away. I give a personal tribute to him and the way he taught! He was direct and he was brave about it! He always seemed to teach things that are always hard to understand in a simple way so that we all can understand! He was an amazing person and he served as an Apostle for more than 25 years! He was a spiritual giant for all of us! My prayer is that he rests in the glory of God and now works along with Elder Perry and all of the other Prophets and Apostles in the Spirit World!
Well that is about it for me this week I love you all and I hope that you all have a good week I pray that our Father in Heaven is with you all for where ever you go!

Elder Darcy
Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy
Calle Porvenir No. 8
Col. Centro, Chalco
Edo. De Mèxico
C.P. 56600, Mèxico

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