Thursday, July 9, 2015

One Month To Go!

June 22, 2015

Well This is it!!!!
I have less than one month to go! Just like my grandma told me today "I remember when you left and I thought it was one month down and 23 more to go.  Now it is just the opposite." It is so wierd to think that I have less than one month to go! But things have been good! 2 weeks ago there were transfers but my companion and I did not have transfers so we are going to be finnishing our mission together! But all is well as we come up on the end together we have decided that we need to have the area ready for the next missionaries that will be coming in here!! But all is well we are working hard and doing all that we need to to be ready to go!!
Feelings of uneasiness:

Just like it says I have been having feelings of uneasiness recently knowing that I am in my last cylce of my mission and  I am moving ever more faster towrds the end of my mission! I honestly feel uneasy about coming home and I have finally realized that it is because of the love I have grown for the people here and then love of the work that we are having here!  But I know that as all things begin all things must end. I can say even though I  still have 4 weeks left I am sad to think that it is almost better but i can say this that i have felt the love of our loving father in heaven in my life more than befor and I know that all I have done has been for him! 

One baptism more!

Well as of now we will be having one more baptism in our missions (my companion and I) and I have to say that it's pretty cool! we have a programed baptismal date for the 11th of july. The kid that we found actuall was brought to church by another memeber here from the city! The guys name is Angel and he is 21 and a golden investigator!! He has been to church the last 3 weeks and we are in the process of getting him ready for his baptism and he is super excited for that! The only challenge that we see with him is that his parents are hard core Catholics and he has not talked to them yet about getting baptized!.... But he told us this week that his mom told him that she is happy that he is finding god even though that it is not through their religion! so I have a ton of hope that all will go well and that there will be no problems from this point on.

a p-day of fun!

Today was a cool p-day! Today we went bowling with another 18-20 missionaries! It was a lot of fun! I  really enjoyed it and it looked like everyone else did as well!! we were the only ones in the bowling ally so they let us chooes the music tht we wanted to listen to and it was great cause we were bowling to the piano guys! so it was cool! But it was a calm day and the best part is that Sams club had a open house for people to come in and buy without a membership and it was really cool! so i baught stuff in bulk! It was great!
Well i hope that you all have a good week and that the Lord goes with you all in all that you do I love you all and I will see you soon!


Elder Darcy

Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy
Calle Porvenir No. 8
Col. Centro, Chalco
Edo. De Mèxico
C.P. 56600, Mèxico

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