Thursday, July 9, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

May 25, 2015

Ok I feel bad!......

    It has been forever since I have done a group email! I have been super busy and feel like I am running more than ever in my mission! I guess that is what happens to us "old Farts" Since the last time I have written A TON has happened! I have had more baptisms and transfers and Mother's Day and a trip to the center and an exercise tournament today and now I feel super weak and dead for all the running and playing and exercise that I have done today! At the end I will add the photo of my zone who won it all today!! So where to start where to start!

   Well we will go last to most recent.  I have had transfers yet again and I am back in Ixtapaluca for the third time! I am in the ward Heroes! It is an awesome place and we have had one baptism here! It was great, We baptized a lady that has been receiving the missionary lessons for 4 months! She is super strong and now her family is listening to the discussions as well ! It is awesome!

   Mother's day was good! I talked to my family for the last time in the mission field! It was
really weird when I was done I realized that the next time that I talk to my family it will be in person in July! Oh and talking about that I have received my return date! I will be coming home the 22nd of July! My flight leaves here (Mexico City) at 3:50 P.M. (that is 2:50 P.M. there in Utah) and I will be arriving in Utah at 7 P.M that evening! I am hoping customs won't take long because we are going to be a big group and it is going to be 7 at night and we just have to show them our papers this time
to show that we are citizens! We won't have to fill out visa papers since we are Americans! so I think 7:45-8 I will be out with my family again! It just feels so weird this is it the last eight weeks of my mission! It feels so weird that it is all ending!

   So another cool thing happened! We got a visit as a mission from someone very special! On Friday May 15, 2015 we received a visit from Elder David A. Bednar! And it was an amazing experience! He got there and we were ready to take a picture with him! and It was great to have the meeting with him! He talked to us about faith and how it is a principle of ´power and action! And he said something that was awesome! He told us "you can't just pray and ask for power from god to open your mouths and talk to the people here, then just sit around and wait for that power to come. you just gotta get up and go! to invoke that request from God!" It was truly incredible he is also short... he is about my height actually we are pretty even he and I!

   This last Monday we went to the center and we went on the tour bus and we bought some pretty cool ties! A member said that there was a tie sale there but there was not so I could only get one tie and it is cool it is a type of red and black checker pattern! It is pretty slick! The tour bus was a lot of fun and super cool! We saw a ton of places and of all days I left my camera at the house today so I will have to send the pics to my dad and he can post them on Facebook later! But we saw cool stuff like the monument of the revolution and the angle of independence and while we were on the bus
we met a guy who is a member from Canada and it was cool!  

So today!!!! Today we had a an exercise day and a tournament! It was so much fun we did exercises like Push-ups and triceps dips, yoga (that killed me) then lunges and squats and that was right after the yoga so it  was not fun! Then we did crunches and planks! Then the sports were basketball, volleyball, and soccer!  And well WE GOT FIRST PLACE!! This is how it played out. The first game of basketball we lost. then we did exercise, Then we played volleyball and lost the first game but we won the second game! Then we did yoga and more exercise and then soccer and the fist game we won thanks to a goal and the second went to a penalty shoot out and it was tied 2-2 when it was our goalies turn to kick! He made the goal, he rocketed it past the other goalie and then he blocked the other goalie after his own goal so we won 3-2 on penalties! Then we did the planks and
crunches and we played one more game of basketball! and we won that one too! So our final pointage was 4 wins and 2 losses! but there were three teams with that same record so we had to do a three way tie to see who would win! The tie breaker was Free throws and one team went before us and they
made 2 of 10 then we went and the same elder who was our goalie  and helped us win in soccer made 7-of 9 free throws and one hna from our zone tried but missed. so we had a foot up on the other zone but we had to wait for one zone more and well they only scored 3 out of 10 baskets! So the zone
Moroni was named as President said it "Immortal Champs of the Battle of Chalco" it was fun and it was a great day!

So ya I am going to do my best to write this letter for the next 8 weeks as I finish my mission! I love you all and hope that you all have a good week! I know He lives and that He loves us! Love you all!

Love Elder Darcy

P.S We all had names on the back and I put an Original............Mr. Darcy

Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy
Calle Porvenir No. 8
Col. Centro, Chalco
Edo. De Mèxico
C.P. 56600, Mèxico

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