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Week 41: Bautismo!‏

May 19, 2014

Hola mi familia y amigos!
Well it is just like the subject says we have struck again in bringing a soul unto Christ! It was a good long week! by the end of last night I was exhausted and super tired..... yes I know its the same....... ;) but all is well here! We had a lot of adventures in this last week! Some of the stuff that happened is I took a trip down memory lane and I was back in the stake center of Solidaridad! it is because we had a meeting there this last week but it was so weird being there! Then this week was long we did a lot in walking and trying to find where some of our less active members live and trying to teach them! Then we Topped the cycle off with a BAPTISM!! it was a good week! and I will share a little bit about what happened in this week!
So this Wednesday I took a trip down memory lane of my first zone and I went back into Solidaridad! we had a multi zone conference because on the 9th of May Elder Valenzuela from the Area Presidency came and taught all the zone leaders, the assistants , and the presidents about a few things! so on Wednesday we had a Multi Zone conference with Ixtapaluca and solidaridad (the three zones I have been in). It was full of revelation! The one thing that I didn´t like was that they put the importance of numbers. I personally do not like numbers because I feel like they are pushing for numbers and not for the worth of souls. but then president Crickmore used a scripture of how the Lord would count all the hairs on our head....... so ya its important for numbers!
Then the week was long because we are in the process of looking for more members! When I was with my last companion,  Elder Luis, we only taught a certain number of people every week.. so in one of the meetings that we had with our ward mission leader and his assistant we talked about this, well they gave us a list and little by little we are finding people! But we do a lot of walking to find these addresses! We are getting there so that is why there is a pic of me exhausted!
BAUTISMO!!  On Saturday  we baptized a Hermana. we have had in teaching for 5 months. The only thing that was holding her back was getting married! about a week and a half ago she got married and she got baptized this last week! The service was super good and super spiritual because she was so ready for this! There were two other special things about the service on Saturday! the first is that the four Elders in our ward had baptisms (so us and the other two) and that is the first time that we have had that! The second which is the BEST is that my companion Elder Ragle did the baptism and it was the first time that he has done one!!! So it was super cool!
So that's about it for this week! This next week we are baptizing one more to end the cycle and we are again getting the call for transfers! This last week our investigator who baptized the other Hermana had a special interview with the President. After the interview he was talking with me and he sounded pretty sure that I will be training this next cycle! we just have to wait and see if the Lord is ready for that but he told me he feels that I am ready! During that interview Hermana. Crickmore was there to talk with Elder Ragle and I and she told us in the next couple of months we will have cool pictures to send home! It rains like crazy here and it makes for some great pictures! I am excited for that!
I hope all is well and that god may bless you! love you all!
Elder Darcy

my district leader (the Latino) his son (trainee) and us (Elder Ragle and I)

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