Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hospital trips

June 9, 2014


Just as the title says, this last week (yesterday) I ended up in the hospital! While we were at church in Sacrament Meeting I started to get a really sharp pain in my right side and it got to the point that I could not sit up straight. We got really nervous thinking it was appendicitis. Another elder a month ago had the same thing. I went to an investigator who is a doctor and he said that it was more than likely a type of appendicitis.

We called the number on the insurance card and found a really great hospital here in D.F called hospital Cami. When we got there they took some information and got me checked in. after doing an exam they said they were not sure what it was and that I would need to stay for further observation and tests. I took a blood and urine test, an x-ray, and an ultrasound. After reviewing all those the doctor said   it was more than likely colitis but they wanted to be sure, so they gave me food and I didn't get nauseated or have a fever so I was discharged at 8:30 after being in observation for 4 hours. I was glad I went and found out that all was well.
All is well with that and I am doing much better! This last week was great we found a lot of work this last week! It was awesome! We were busy all of this week! To report on the family that we said we were hoping to put dates with......... IT happened we are as of right now baptizing on the 28th of this month! I am so excited! Other than that our week was busy helping other members and investigators!
So i am a little worried for this week and the next month with the World Cup starting. We are going to loose a lot of work because EVERYONE will be watching el mundial! But we will bust through it! all I have to say is USA USA USA USA USA!!
Love you all and sorry this was short this week I was short on time.
Elder Darcy

Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy
Calle Porvenir No. 8
Col. Centro, Chalco
Edo. De Mèxico
C.P. 56600, Mèxico

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