Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week 43: The fruits of our labors

As the title says we are starting to see the fruits of our labors! This last cycle my companion Elder Ragle and I were working and we had the hardest time to find new investigators to teach! This last week was a really good week we had a lot of people to teach and we found the secret to success in our area! On top of that I have found the secret to be the best missionary I can be! It was a really rewarding week! Today as we got on the computers to email the President he told us that in this last month we baptized 81 new members as a mission!! that means that 81 souls were brought unto Christ!!! This week we are hoping to put a Fecha with a family that we have had in teaching for a while!
This last week for the first time in a month and a half we were able to find a new family to teach!! We have been working so hard to find the new people here! Last Monday after I had emailed we had a family home evening with an active family and they invited a family of three! so we taught and the accepted another visit! Because of another meeting that we had a few weeks ago we were told that when we have a family accept and put a return appointment that it counts as a new investigator as it says in Preach My Gospel so we taught the family and they at least accepted a return appointment!
It was really cool to have that happen in this week! I have been trying to figure out how can i be obedient but not be a robot.The last few weeks I have been striving to be exactly obedient and that has kind of turned me into a robot and i do not like that so this last week I figured out how and what I need to do to be a obedient missionary......the to be myself but follow the rules!! It was a great  learning week!
Then this last week we had what is called a simple talk with a family that we have in teaching. They have been coming to church and keeping every commitment but will not accept baptism. Here is where we saw the fruits of our labors again and they opened up to us. They told us that they feel worried about changing a religion because they are scared of the change that will come after being baptized. We were able to go back and help them! then we have another apptointment with them to help them see that they are ready. The last lesson  with them was super spiritual! I have a lot of faith for this family this week!
Well that about does it from Mexico this week! It's crazy this upcoming Saturday i will hit 10 months in my mission its so crazy time is flying but I love it so much! I would not trade it for anything right now! I love the people here, I love the missionaries, I love my Mission President,  and I love the Lord,  that is why I am so engaged in this great work!
I love you all and hope that you all have a good week!
Cuidensen mucho y les amo bastante!
Con amor,
Elder Darcy

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