Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pasqua, Temblores y Kia Kaha!‏

April 21, 2014

FELIZ DIA DE PASQUA! That is how you say Easter in Mexico and wow was this week was different! All this last week was called Semana Santa! And it was so cool! Each day last week was a representation of different things that happened in the last week of Christ's life! here are the different days:

Monday: Was Christ entered into Jerusalem and began teaching, Tuesday and Wednesday: Christ was teaching and organizing the church in that day, Thursday: Was the Last Super and the atonement, Friday was the trial and crucifixion,  Saturday: Was a day of darkness Sunday: Christ was resurrected and broke the chains of death! In this moment it was possible for all to live again!

So this week was super cool to see how another culture celebrates the life of our Redeemer! This last week was super slow because everyone went on vacation! Not a lot happened till Friday when we baptized a sister,  her name is Hna. Sheila, and she was baptized on Friday afternoon! After the baptism we had to return home because one of the ways people here celebrate was to party and there is a lot of drinking involved. That is not safe for us to be out after dark, especially for two Americans. On Friday night we were in the house all night! The rest of the week was super slow!

Temblors! So as we were getting ready for our baptism there was a 7.2 Earthquake! it was so wierd because Elder Ragle and I were walking and we felt nothing! The Temblor was the up and down type that's super destructive but then after a few seconds it turned into a swaying motion type! so we didn't feel it but the power lines were moving like crazy! so it was super intense but I am safe and Elder Ragle is safe and we still held our baptism! 

Kia Kaha= Forever Strong! Becaue we had to be in the house on Friday night one of the elders got permission and we watched Forever strong. I don't know why but this time now more than ever different things from that movie stood out to me! I want to relate something from that movie the first is that Coach Larry Gilwix Told his team "I want you to be forever strong on the field so that you will always be forever strong off of it. Kia Kaha Forever Strong! and I made that connection to us here in the mission field. Our Father in Heaven is the coach and he is telling us " I want you to be forever strong in the field so that you will be forever strong out of it" and I really liked that and as I made that connection my perspective of the mission field grew! The other line I loved from that movie is " I will never do anything that embarrasses myself, my team (my mission and its missionaries), or my family" that line I love because it shows my commitment and love for the mission and the rules that we have with it!

I love you all and hope that you all have a good week and that the Lord will always be with you! I love you all El Vive and KIA KAHA

con mucho amor por todos,

Elder Darcy

Elder Brett Jeffrey Darcy
Calle Porvenir No. 8
Col. Centro, Chalco
Edo. De Mèxico
C.P. 56600, Mèxico

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